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Doctors Send Patients Home To Die

In a U.S.-Mexico border town, a local doctor can decide to send coronavirus patients home to die beside their loved ones.

At the Starr County Memorial Hospital in Rio Grande City, at least 50% of the patients in the emergency room have tested positive for COVID-19. Dr. Jose Vasquez said the situation is desperate in this rural south Texas county.


   They began seeing an increase in positive cases about one month ago. Even other states have sent them 33 medical personnel to assist the hospital. Unfortunately, the hospital has limited resources and the doctors are going to have to decide who should receive treatment and who will be sent home to die beside their loved ones.

Today, America has already confirmed over four million infected cases of the coronavirus. We don’t see any sign of control coming in the near future. Those people living in the border towns are mostly poor and severely lack medical services. When the President started building the wall on the border, we didn’t see any big improvements on the illegal aliens issue.

We feel very sad for the people who need the help the most in such a critical time. The federal and state governments don’t give them enough help. Finally, the patients have to go back home and just wait to die.

We all live in the same nation. We are all citizens of the most powerful country. Why do some of our people just not get equal treatment?

人間悲劇 莫過如此

位於美墨邊境羅歐格蘭地市因醫療設備不堪負荷醫生們把一些重症新冠病患送回家和家人等死這真是何等慘酷之處境, 也發生在世界第一富強之國。

據當地醫療機構表示該地區這個月來確診新冠病人激增 在這個只有六萬四千人口的小鎮已經成為德州之重災區。

美國全國確診病例已超過四百萬人次佔全球之百分之二十五, 近月來之情勢更趨嚴峻,從美東不斷往西南方轉移尤其在墨西哥邊界尤其嚴重該地區本來就是貧困地區往來邊境地區之人民有合法也有非法, 即便是總統高舉反移民政策而筑起高牆但是非法移民此次又逢新冠疫情使得邊境小城更是雪上加霜。

今天世界局勢一片混乱經濟下行疫情肆虐華府高官每天得到加倍醫療照料而在邊界小鎮只有在家等死, 同為國之民 何予如此天壤之別政客們忍心嗎?