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“2020 Presidential Election” TV Show

Today the 2020 Presidential Election TV show was started at our Houston headquarters. The show is hosted by Mr. Jim Noteware and Mr. Jimmy Ma every Thursday at 7:00 pm. The audience can watch the show through STV 15.3, YouTube, Facebook and iTalkBBand will reach all over the world.

Jim Noteware is a real estate and financial expert. He has traveled to Asian extensively having visited China, Taiwan, Japan and Thailand. His knowledge of Asian politics and economic issues  makes him an Asian scholar. He is also Co-chair of the International Trade Center.


 Jimmy Ma is a very outstanding young Asian American financial expert who because of his background understands the situation of the Asian community today.

The TV show also is going to invite both Democrats and Republicans to talk about foreign policy and economic issues.

Under the ITC, we are also working on organizing a legal advisory group of twenty in order to help people fight for their civil rights.

Today our nation is living in a very critical time. President Trump is now suggesting that the November 3rd election be delayed. We don’t think this is within the power of the president to impose such a delay on the country at all.

All of us love this country. We need to take action now, not just for ourselves, but also for the next generation.



由美國財政界領袖金諾威及美南電視政論節目主持人馬健共同主持的美國大選及中美關係電視節目今天正式啟動, 將在每週下午七時透過STV 15.3 頻道 ,YouTube ,Facebook app ,houston stv15.3, ITalkBB 等頻道向全球直播。

2020 大選節目将會訪問共和民主兩黨人士對大選之看法並將從美國人之觀點看中美兩國未來之關係發展,同時正在推動在國際貿易中心下設立法律援助顧問團將為國際亞華裔社區提供法律援助。

金諾威係史坦福大學高材生曾經多次到過中國大陸及台灣對亞洲問題有非常深刻獨到之经验,目前也是國際貿易中心共同主席。馬健多年來在美南電視主持各型政論節目, 大學主修財經法律, 中英文俱佳, 他將從亞裔角度來談論在美國華亞裔目前嚴峻之處情。

總統大選迫在眉睫 川普總統昨天在推特發文, 由於對各州通訊投票之不信任, 他建議要美國大選延期, 此語一出, 各界譁然, 大選日期明定在憲法条例中豈是總統一句話可決定?

全國疫情仍然在惡化中, 美國確診人數不斷激增, 濟指數不斷下滑, 這是我們大家共同積極關注國事之時刻了。

今天我們推出 2020美國大選系列節目旨在加強報導有關大選情勢 尤其是美國之移民 外交政策是和我們息息相關。

大家都體認到這是近百年世界最大之變局事關我們及下一代之生存 怎麼能䄂手旁觀?!