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Biden Fights For The Presidency

The National Democratic Convention has concluded its four day meeting in Milwaukee. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have officially become the Democratic Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates to challenge Donald Trump in the upcoming national election. All the former Democratic Presidents including Carter, Clinton and Obama were there to show their support for the Biden-Harris ticket.

We as ordinary citizens hope the party can bring a new change to Washington.

The country also needs to resume participation in international organizations such as WHO and the Paris Climate Treaty. This is our responsibility to the world.

The coronavirus pandemic is a worldwide problem. We must unite to work with the rest of the world to fight this crisis. No country can escape this tragedy. The international community needs to work together to respect the opinions of the experts and speed up vaccine research to rescue mankind as a global issue.

We also encourage starting a new work effort on our national infrastructure including the railroads, highways, airports and bridges to create more jobs to stimulate our economy.

We still need to open our immigration policy to accept more talented people and encourage them to move to America. We are a nation of immigrants and they are the backbone of our country.

Education is one of the most important issues facing our society today. A better and fair education system gives the young people more opportunity. We need to add more resources to the local schools.

We all expect the Democratic ticket will bring hope and a better future for all of us.

群雄聚集 力挺拜登進白宮

民主黨大會即將在今天閉幕,歷任民主黨總統卡特、 克 林顿、奧巴馬、前國務卿希拉里、克利等重量級人物全都出场,力挺拜登和賀錦麗競爭白宮寶座。


新冠疫情之猖獗當然是政府之領導無方,全球沒有一個國家幸免,這是一個全球面對之災難,我們必須聯合世界各國之力量來共抗病毒,要立即成立世界性之緊急救難隊伍,尊重專家的意見,加快疫苗之研究, 讓世界共享成果。

美國經濟受到重創,我們應立即展開全國基礎建設之大力投資,全面重建高鐵、公路、橋樑、機場及聯邦建築, 以增加就業及經濟復甦。

對於移民政策我們主張繼續開放,廣泛接納更多留學生, 這些各國之精英绝对是我們国家建設的棟樑。


增加教育經費全面保障國民健康,今天我們社會出現許多暴亂和不安,研其根本原因是教育上之失敗, 許多弱勢家庭子女無法接受正軌教育或是不重視教育, 長期以來就成為社會混亂之根源,沒有正當之技能,因而會铤而走险, 犯罪也就隨之而來。

今天我們平民百姓所企求的是社會安定,生活有保障, 政治口號是空洞之辭,和我們何干?