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        Political Slogans Won’t Help The People

Hurricane Laura and Tropical Storm Marco both are approaching the Gulf of Mexico. This is the first time in recorded history that two hurricanes are occurring so close together at the same time and on similar tracks. With the serious coronavirus pandemic already attacking our region both in Houston and New Orleans, we do not look forward to another painful experience. 

We as the strongest and richest country in the world are still suffering from the virus because our leadership could not agree with the medical experts on when the businesses should open back up or when the kids can go back to school which only makes the situation worse.

The Republican National Convention opened their meeting last night. We saw black Senator Tim Scott, Donald Trump Jr. and former UN ambassador Nikki Haley deliver speeches that gave Republicans highest marks on the Trump administration. Looking at their agenda, most of Trump’s family and administration members will be on the stage to deliver speeches, including Trump himself who is scheduled to show up every night. 

In our STV interview, one of the guests talked about the relationship between the U.S. and China. Even the president wanted to cut it off, but that is not really easy. In the last thirty years the two nations and their respective people have become dependent on each other. In many areas, while manufacturers might pull out of China, they also might not come back to the U.S. 

Unfortunately, people who live in the Gulf Coast area are now facing big storms and hurricanes. We do not yet see any good signs from the coronavirus pandemic. Promises and slogans are only political language. How our people can survive the pandemic is the real thing. 


兩個強勁颱風正在向墨西哥灣迫近沿海地區之城市正在嚴正以待正值新冠疫情處於猖狂之時對我們而言, 真是禍不單行 對休斯敦及新奧爾良而言 曾經有過慘痛之風災經驗。

我們是世界上最強大而且富有之國家疫情之擴散政府要負有最大之責任, 首先我們未尊重醫療專業之意見指望病毒之自然消失在未能控制之前就開放商業活動 可能是一大敗筆。

共和黨大會開跑了黨中的各路英雄好漢都在視頻上大談美國是如何偉大要讓美國再次偉大, 但是這些口號能解決問題嗎?

此次大會應邀演講者多半是川普家族人員 尤其是總統本人每天都要上台演說也是非常罕見。

今天在美南電視接受訪問的包杰生律師談到大選時表示, 他對美中兩國關係感到擔憂 他認為川普要和中國全面脫鈎是不太可能之事, 因為兩國在各方的交往已經非常深厚, 何況美國的企業和個人不一定會聼從政府之指令。

正逢颱風來襲加上新冠病毒之襲擊 大家可以說是苦不堪言, 如何來拯救人民之苦痛, 才是政府首要之责任。

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