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美国新冠疫情日记 09/30

美国新冠疫情日记 09/30

The Presidential Debate Was Chaotic

 The Presidential debate was chaotic as President Trump and challenger Joe Biden devolved into tirades of unrelenting volleys of personal attacks and interruptions.

 Trump was intent on interrupting Biden on nearly every question and Biden called the president a “clown,” telling him to, “shut up.”

 On the issue of the coronavirus, Biden said the President has no plan, saying, “He hasn’t laid out anything.” Trump, however, insisted that Biden, “...could not have done the job we did.” The president stated that his administration’s plan was to quickly distribute a vaccine. But Biden questioned why American people should even trust someone who lies so frequently.

 When the host asked the President about the white supremacists, Trump refused to explicitly condemn them saying that the violence wasn’t an issue caused by the right and telling one far-right group to “stand back and stand by.”


On the health plan issue, President Trump tried to paint former Vice President Biden’s health plan as one which will extinguish the private health care plans of 180 million people and will send the U.S. on the path of socialized medicine.


On the tax issue, the President refused to admit that he only paid $750 dollars in income tax last year and stressed that he paid many millions of dollars in income tax for many years.


We very much regret that in this debate President Trump tried to bulldoze his challenger Joe Biden with constant interruptions and insults.


During the course of the 90-minute debate, the most important issue addressed was whether President Trump would question the legitimacy of the November election. The President refused to say whether he would concede the election should he lose. He said, “if it is a fair election, I am 100% onboard, but if I see that tens of thousands of ballots have been manipulated, I can’t go along with that.”

 The chaos of the Presidential debate made it impossible for viewers to follow what the two men were talking about.

 It is very sad that we as the model democratic system, while the whole world was watching this political show, that we citizens had to feel a sense of shame for this ugly display. Where are our values?




对於白人至上主义者参与在各地动乱,总统川普拒绝谴责他们, 并呼吁他们要继续挺住。

川普总统指责拜登的医疗保险是走向社会主义之制度,将把一亿八千万现有私人保险者取消, 对於《纽约时报》报导川普过去两年每年只付七百五十元税金一事, 他也是极力否认。


令人最担心的还是,川普对十一月三日之大选结果表示疑虑,如果不承认选举结果, 其后果不堪设想。

当全世界人们在关注美国大选结果时,这次辩论丢尽了美国人的脸面 ,还能做世界老大吗?!