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美国新冠疫情日记 10/03

美国新冠疫情日记  10/03

President Trump Is In The Hospital

President Trump arrived Friday evening at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center 15 hours after he had tested positive for the coronavirus. The White House said the move was precautionary and not the product of an urgent deterioration in Trump’s condition.

Trump walked out of his residence in the White House without assistance and displayed no outward signs of illness.

White House spokeswoman Alyssa Farah said there has been no transfer of power to Vice President Pence and that President Trump was still in charge. Pence is working at his own residence and remains in good health.

First Lady Melania who also tested positive for the coronavirus remains well with only a mild cough and headache.

Moments before Trump was heading to Walter Reed, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said he was suspending all negative campaign advertising for the time being.

According to the 25th Amendment, Trump could make a determination for transfer of power from himself with a letter to the Senate to formally hand over power to the Vice President who would then govern until Trump informed the Senate that he was taking power back.

The most significant problem for Trump is that his COVID-positive diagnosis will prove almost impossible for him to effectively handle the health crisis.                                                            

The full extent of the political fallout of the situation remains unclear and depends on the severity of Trump’s illness. But the whole world is still watching.


川普总统週五下午六时已经住进瓦特里海军医疗中心白宫方面表示, 这并非是紧急救医而是要总统得到进一步的疗养, 川普总统昨天是自行走向直昇机, 而不需要人掺扶,


民主党挑战者拜登在得知川普进到医院之后立即把一些攻击性负面广告下架, 并在推特上希望川普夫妇早日康復。

根据美国宪法第二十五条修正条文, 川普总统可以在其无法执行政务时通函参议院由副总统代行职权, 一直到他认為可以復职。

川普不幸染上病毒 对他的选情将是重大之打撃 这充分証明他在防疫工作上是彻底失败。

世界都在关注美国政情之发展 我们期盼川普早日康復 十一月三日之大选能圆满举行 才是国家之福也。