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美国新冠疫情日记 10/14

美国新冠疫情日记 10/14


The Hotel Industry Is Suffering In The Pandemic Crisis

The Presidential election is on Tuesday, November 3rd, but early voting in Texas with long lines and hour-long wait times for thousands of voters at some location has begun. U.S. election projections show several states have already exceeded 20% of their total votes cast at this point in 2016 including Wisconsin, Minnesota, Virginia and Vermont. In Georgia, people stood in voting lines as long as 9 hours to cast their votes. 

With only three weeks until Election Day, many states are already seeing historical levels of early voting as people cast their votes through the mail in the middle of pandemic. 

In this pandemic crisis, the hotel industry got hit the hardest, according to Best Western CEO David King who said, “Almost 38,000 of the nation’s 57,000 hotels will close within six months without further government assistance."

America’s hotels are on life support as the coronavirus pandemic drags on with hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue and some two million related jobs in jeopardy. In 2020, the hotel business in general has shrunk down 65% when compared with 2019. 

The bottom line is: It will be a long time before people feel comfortable checking into hotels again. And even longer before international tourists start filling up rooms again around the world.

We are urging the Congress to take immediate action to get the Stimulus Bill passed soon and come to the rescue of our economy.

大选开始投票 旅馆业仍哀鸿遍野

包括德州在内的美国许多州今天展开提前投票数以百万计的选民在冗长时间之等待中投下神圣一票在威士康辛维吉尼亚乔治亚等州之投票率已超过二 〇一六之选举,增加了至少百分之二十, 有的选民等上了九个小时才投下一票。

值此疫情仍然未能控制之时全国各地的旅馆业正遭受前所未有之挑战根据旅馆业者表示如果得不到政府之紓困 未来半年内全美各地之五万七千家旅馆将会有三万八千家倒闭。

新冠疫情严重打击旅游业及航空业务, 即便疫情到时得到控制 也很难重回以往之荣景。

我们呼吁国会及白宫应该立即通过目前搁置的紓困案 伸出援手来挽救美国之经济。

不到三个星期大选将决定我们国家的领导人请大家投下神圣的一票, 这将是决定个人及国家命运之时刻。