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美国新冠疫情日记 10/19

美国新冠疫情日记 10/19

We Are Just Buying Time

Just 14 days to go until the 2020 election. More than 22 million people already have voted across 45 states and the District of Columbia, either by mail or in person. We are still two weeks from the actual Election Day. In Florida alone, almost 2.3 million votes have been cast in this election. Democrats are dominating the early vote in the 27 states that reported ballots cast by party affiliation. Up to now, 5.4 million registered Democrats have voted early, while 2.5 million registered Republicans have done so.

On Thursday President Trump and challenger Biden will have their last debate. This will be the last chance for Trump to face Biden before the election.

With just two weeks before the election, Trump began his Sunday night in Nevada by making a rare visit to a church before his evening rally in Carson City. Despite the pandemic, few attendees wore masks. Meanwhile, Biden was campaigning in North Carolina where Democrats have not won a White House race since Obama won in 2008. Both candidates are trying to secure a path to victory.

Today we are facing another surge in the COVID-19 pandemic. Infections have passed the 8 million mark and are still rising rapidly. There are now more than 218,000 dead. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci is worried that the U.S. is heading in the wrong direction with the pandemic, while worldwide the number of new cases is surging at an alarming rate. Fauci said that when you have a million deaths and over 30 million infections globally, you cannot say that you are on the road to essentially getting out of this pandemic.

This is really a critical time for all of us because we really don’t know when we will have an effective method to control the virus and the federal and local governments are just out of control.

We are urging all of you to go out and vote. This is the time we need to choose the right leader to rescue our country.


距离总统大选日期已经剩下两个星期两党候选人正以浑身解术之方式做最后之冲刺截止目前為止已经有二千二百万人进行通讯或提前投票, 光是佛罗里达州已经有三百五十万人完成投票 距离投票日还有十四天, 这将会打破二〇一六年大选记录。

川普总统週日在赌场内华达州除了群眾造势之外,还参加了週日上午之教会礼拜, 主持牧师告诉总统她得到上帝示知川普会连任, 拜登在北卡拉票希望能重新扳回民主党阵营。

公卫专家福其今天再度重申,他不认為我们可能在近期内疫情会好转 全球已经有三千万人感染,一百万人丧生 而且还是捲土重来之趋势, 他的言论显然否定了白宫的看法。

我们十分忧心自称是世界民主制度典范的美国这次大选简直是荒腔走板候选人公然不愿承诺败选结果, 选民大会不戴口罩 候选人不断叫駡, 令大家不知所措。

週四最后一次的总统大辩论 将会有何场面出现, 请大家拭目以待吧。

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