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美国新冠疫情日记 10/21

美国新冠疫情日记 10/21

International Community Supports Joe Biden

The Asian American and Pacific Islander and AAPIs Group have organized with local Houston community leaders a rally of support for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on Saturday, October 24th from 3-5pm at the Southern News Group compound.

The rally will be featured on Joe Biden’s Instagram page. We are also partnering with members of the Korean, South Asian, Chinese, Filipino, Vietnanese and other local groups to attend the event.

We are urging all people to show their support for this very important election on November 3rd.

The United States of America with the ability to draw hard-working people from all corners of the world has always made us stronger.

As president, candidate Joe Biden will make his commitment to ensure that all the people will be treated with dignity, no matter their race or ethnicity.

Today, our country needs moral leadership and a unifying force to fight for our future.

We are very proud to host this event and invite you to join us at the October 24th rally. Time is running out and this is the time we all need to be united.


德州休斯敦地区的国际华亚裔社区领袖代表定於本週六 (十月廿四日)下午三时至五时在美南新闻广场聚集, 表达支持拜登竞选美国总统。

这项由美国全国亚裔太平洋岛居民组成之政治联盟团体将号召韩裔华裔、 印裔、 越裔、 菲裔各大族裔出席这项誓师大会, 表达对民主党候选人之极力支持。


今天美国能强大之原因之一是因為无数来自全世界之勤劳移民, 来共同建设这个国家。

十一月三日即将到来之大选日, 将会决定我们未来掌握国家及个人命运的领导人。