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 We Are Proud To Be Chinese American

It was such an honor to join Professor Anne Chao on the Chinese American Antique Road Show at the Museum of Chinese In America in New York.

                                                                                                                                                         Dr. Chao is the founder of The Chao Center For Asian Studies at Rice University that was created with a $15 million endowment from the Ting Tsing and Wei Fong Chao Foundation, establishing the Houston Asian American Archive (HAAA) in 2008.

MOCA is a national cultural institution dedicated to telling the untold stories in the making of America through the lens of the Chinese immigrant experience. The beautiful facilities were designed by Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Maya Lin.

We are so glad to tell the stories of Chinese Americans in Houston, Texas. Ms. Linda Wu and her family were early pioneers in Texas. Her father, Albert Gee, was our community leader for so many years. He was a restaurant owner who started Chinese and Asian food in Houston, Texas. He was Chinatown’s unofficial mayor. Today, Linda still continues her sponsorship of the Houston Miss Chinatown Beauty pageant. It has become one of most important events in our city.

In a TV show interview, I told our host Dr. Chao that our saying that we as Chinese Americans are mainstream is because of our our many contributions to this great land and our important part in building a better society.

Almost one hundred years ago, Chinese labor came to America to help build the railroad. During WWII, many Chinese Americans joined the war to fight against Japanese aggression. We are so very proud of our contributions in many areas.

Today our nation is still facing the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic that is still attacking our community. Many Chinese Americans have lost their businesses while many politicians still use China as an issue to attack China. We are very regretful that all these developments are very disgusting to our society.

We want to let the general public know that we are here as citizens of this great nation. We are fighting for equal rights in this political fight.


今晨有幸参加了莱斯大学赵沈允教授為纽约华人博物馆举办的视訉电视节目 该馆於一九八〇年在曼哈顿唐人街创立於二〇〇九年迁入由建筑师林樱设计的新馆址, 主要展示有关华人二百年来在美国淘金生活的歷史文物并存有华人在美国成立之许多歷史事跡。

赵教授在莱斯大学主持德州华人口述歷史计划, 先后共访问了上百位各界人士记录了他们在德州地区奋斗之故事。

在今午之访谈中,我告诉眾多现场参与之观眾们, 今天在美国这个各族裔之大鎔炉中, 华裔对美国社会所做之贡献绝对是有目共赌, 因為我们热爱这片土地,因而选择為安身立命之地, 我们就是社会的主流 大家要抬头挺胸, 力争上游, 争取政治上的权利。

歷史是一面明镜, 在美国建国两百多年来, 美利坚共和国是由来自世界各地角落而且勤奋的移民所建造并非政客们三言两语就把大家的功劳抹杀。

大选即将到来疫情仍然猖獗 我们的处境已经变成世界的笑话, 不论环境如何恶劣 大家仍然要挺直腰桿 勇往直前,更要以华裔美人為荣。

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