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美国新冠疫情日记 10/23

美国新冠疫情日记 10/23

Whole World Watched The Final Presidential Debate

Only eleven days to go. President Trump and challenger Joe Biden took the stage tonight at the final presidential debate. Topics included, “Fighting COVID-19,” “the American family,” “climate control,” “national security” and “leadership.”

Both candidates attacked each other on racial justice and immigration.

Biden accused Trump of pouring fuel on every single racist fire - every single one. Trump said that, “with the exception of Abraham Lincoln, nobody has done what I’ve done for black Americans.”

Biden noted that the Obama administration had commuted over 1,000 sentences -- more commutation than any president before him.

Trump accused former Vice President Joe Biden of allowing murderers and rapists to come into the country and released them into the population. He argued that it’s ridiculous to expect migrants to return to court for deportation proceedings.

On the Paris Accord climate issue, Trump said, “I took us out because we were going to have to spend a trillion dollars and we were treated very unfairly.”

Joe Biden said he will rejoin the Paris Climate agreement if he’s elected President.

On the immigration policy, the cages in question are enclosures where migrant children have been held. Trump said the cages were built by the Obama administration, but the difference was that the Obama administration detained apprehended immigrant children with their parents, while the Trump administration separated children from their parents.

On the coronavirus pandemic, Biden attacked Trump on a comment he made over disinfectants and the coronavirus. “What did the president say? He said, don’t worry it’s going to go away and be gone by Easter. Don’t worry. Maybe inject bleach.”

Trump replied that he was only kidding on that.

Trump tried to raise an allegation made against Joe Biden’s son saying that he received $3.5 million dollars from a Russian businesswoman.

Generally speaking, tonight’s debate was peaceful. Both sides controlled their time and manner.

Today, most Americans are still seriously concerned about the economy and the pandemic.

Who can solve the problems and lead the country and the world? We just need to wait eleven more days.

美国大选 世界沸腾

距离大选仅剩十一天全球都在关注美国总统週四晚上之大辩论主题从疫情经济、 气候变迁到国家安全。

在九十鐘之辩论过程中, 双方表现比上一次平和了许多, 在主持人非常犀利之询问下双方回答问题上可以说是南辕北辙当问到疫情如何控制时, 川普非常肯定的回答疫苗一定会在年底前出现, 并且已做好动员军方迅速发放到全国各地, 拜登指控川普治国不力致使二十二万国人丧生, 如果他当选总统会立即实施全国戴口罩,以及制定一套全国通用的开放商业及学校之方案。

双方在辩论中互相指控拿了苏俄乌克兰及中国大陆之好处 当问到如何处理和中国大陆未来关係时 拜登非常坚定表示将会遵循国际关係模式并将重返巴黎气候协定。

在振兴经济方案拜登主张大力发展太阳能源, 并希望二 0二五年前能达到功效, 此主张对依頼石油、天然气之宾州德州及俄亥俄州是不利之消息。


截至今天為止在华府搁置的经济紓困方案还在国会和白宫间踢皮球 全国各地之中小企业已有六分之一倒闭, 航空公司正在裁员, 近三分之一之旅馆已在关闭之中。

新冠病毒真的重创了我们的社会, 大部分国民都处於忧虑不安之中,我们呼吁执政诸公 少些政治口水, 还是以民生為重 才会得人心。

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