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美国新冠疫情日记 10/27

美国新冠疫情日记 10/27

        We Must Go To Vote

With only one week left until Election Day, more than 60 million votes have already been  cast.

Early voting is rising around the country amid the continuing coronavirus pandemic with the states reporting record voting turnout by mail or early voting in person.

We are so glad that in our own community, there is also a rush of a lot of early voters. Many community leaders have urged their friends to go and vote to show their support for the right candidate.

In Florida, Democrats were leading Republicans last week by 18 percentage points in terms of ballots already cast. As the coronavirus cases rise, President Trump is facing a re-election challenge similar to Jimmy Carter in 1980 when he lost votes because of a recession and the inability to free the American hostages seized by Iran.

Trump’s polling deficit today of around 10 percentage points matches Carter’s popular vote deficit against Ronald Reagan who won by a 44 state landslide.

We are also very glad that many political action groups, including AAPI, are encouraging all the people of our community to go out and vote in Harris County. We now even have translated ballots in Chinese and Vietnamese so many of us can fully read all the details.

In this election we have many Asian Americans running for public office. We really need to support them, not only financially, but most importantly is to go out and vote for the best qualified.

The world is changing in this critical time. If you look at the people around you, a lot of them are not able to survive. They need help from you and the government.

I felt so bad when I heard that a lot of my friends in the motel and hotel business, without the federal government’s help in the next six months, most of them will be shut down.

We urge all of you to go out and vote. You must do it because we need the change. We need to support each other in many ways.


截止今天為止,全国各地投票人数已超过六千万当疫情继续在各州泛滥的时候许多选民迫不急待先去提早投票, 我们也非常高兴看到自己社区的选民也积极加入投票之行列。

根据最新数据显示, 在摇摆州佛罗里达之投票人之中民主党已经领先共和党百分之十八。

就如一九八〇年时之选举相似, 川普此刻之处境和卡特之选情十分相似, 当时卡特面临经济上之不景气 外交上未能妥善处理美国外交人员被伊朗绑架事件, 当年的大选雷根在四十四州获得全胜。



世界真的变了, 看看你周围的友人多少人在病痛及生活之煎熬中, 他们需要我们伸出援手, 我所认识许多从事旅游及旅馆行业者表示, 如何未来三到四个月疫情未见好转, 可能有三分之一会倒闭, 也将导致银行之呆账大增。

我们要再度呼吁大家应立即去投下神圣的一票绝不可坐以待毙, 大家一起来反转我们的命运吧。

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