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美国新冠疫情日记 10/30

美国新冠疫情日记 10/30

Southern News Giant LED TV Has Arrived

Today in front of our Southern News Group compound we will start showing the news on  a big12’x 17’ LED screen. This starts a new chapter for our new outdoor media to serve our community twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. 

We are so glad that this huge TV will not only carry the current news, but also we will advertise our customers’ businesses in high-resolution advertisements outdoor right on Bellaire Blvd. 

This big LED high-definition TV has been created by the newest technology with a P-8 screen and it looks like a standard movie.

Our goal was to put the latest world and local news right next to you. According to a City of Houston Traffic Department survey, there are more than 15,000 cars that pass daily by our office complex.

We also are going to put the City of Houston and community public messages on the screen, including weather and other important activities. 

Another important service of the large TV will be to let people know about our hosting of our TV programs.

In the last several years, Southern News Group has always been ahead with our new technology in the modern internet age, from our TV, website and yellow pages, we always adapt the new digital equipment to serve our clients. 

The Presidential Election is just around the corner. We are so glad this big LED TV screen will report live news on the election results next Tuesday night.

巨型LED视频 高掛美南新闻广场

在总统大选前夕一幅巨型LED 视频将自即日起高掛在美南新闻广埸上, 这将是美南传媒在新媒体发展过程中一项重大之突破。

位於休斯敦百利大道上, 每日近万辆汽车通过, 这幅大型视频将会即时传送全球及当地之重要新闻直播节目及昼面。

我们将更进一步為商家传送讯息, 為社区公告各种活动近况, 最重要的是天气预报及社区公告,将进一步做到零距离服务。

今日科技千变万化日新月异, 美南传媒永远走在时代的前端 结合各种新科技,提供大家最近最快的服务。

我们要向大家宣布美南传媒透过电视频道, 巨型方LED 视频正式步入永不打烊的新闻事业, 希望和大家共勉和共享。