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美国新冠疫情日记 11/09

美国新冠疫情日记 11/09

Biden’s Speech Touched All Our Hearts

I was listening to Joe Biden’s victory speech from his home state of Delaware yesterday. He promised to rebuild a country torn apart by multiple crises after four years of chaotic rule from Donald Trump. He pledged to be a president who does not seek to divide but to unify. 

I was so moved and remembered earlier this year when the coronavirus pandemic hit our community. Our company faced a very difficult situation and we needed to manage it to just survive. 

As a media company we all have a moral and social responsibility to continue our work to report and print the daily news to serve our TV audience and readers. 

Since the middle of March of this year because the pandemic has been so serious, I have let more of our employees work from home, but we couldn’t stop the printing of our newspaper and reporting of the news in our TV studio. It was a very hard decision I had to make. Some of my colleagues still showed up in the studio and the press room.

We witnessed many people who we know that have lost their lives. There also have been many small business losses in my International District of which I am the chairman. We also have seen a lot of restaurants that can’t open. An empty shopping center in our zip code had the highest number of coronavirus confirmed cases. 

My heart is just so painful along with a feeling of being very helpless. In our community we hear every day that the government will shut down the WeChat social media service.  The FBI continued investigating an “espionage” case. The Chinese consulate was told to close down within three days due to a spying investigation. All of these ordeals really have made our community life so miserable.

We came here and adopted this great land as our own country and suddenly we feel like we are second class citizens. 

During the pandemic period, I decided to talk with many of my closest friends about supporting Joe Biden’s run for the presidency in the 2020 election. I created a flyer and sent it to them, but they all thought it would be very hard to change a sitting president. But I insisted that we just needed to try our best. 

Today we are so happy that Joe Biden has finally become the president-elect.

As immigrants and members of the Asian community, we are going to mobilize all our efforts to help Joe Biden for our own future. 


今晚聆听了拜登总统当选人在其家鄕之动人演说 感到心血澎湃,感动落泪, 我们相信美国一定会在过去一年来的困苦中重新振作起来, 他殷切期盼能够领导一个团结的国家,而不是充满仇恨撕裂的社会。

自从今年二月新冠病毒席捲世界以来, 我们的社区面临了前所未有之危机 ,许多商家关上了大门, 各大城镇每天发佈可怕的确诊和死亡人数, 他们都是我们隔壁隣舍的大妈、 大叔及许多家庭的兄弟姐妹们,晚餐桌上少了自己的亲人, 已经有二十多万人丧失了宝贵的生命。

华裔在社会上遭受无名之欺辱,白宫领导人无数次指称中国病毒, 中国留学生被驱返。

华人社会一片风声鹤唳, 这种白色恐怖沦為政治工具, 我们都听不到看不到哪些政客為我们发声。

疫情猖獗迄今, 我们深处於水深火热之中,面对社区经济之凋零 ,许多商家在垂死挣扎, 希望疫情早日过去, 但是 病毒不但不消失, 目前还没有任何防护措施 ,政客们对死亡数字早已麻木。

多少年前 ,我们大家满懐热情的美国梦,牺牲了多少人的青春岁月 ,在这块土地上落叶生根,我们华裔社区从未遭受过如此之屈辱。

将近三百天过去了, 我要特别感激在工作岗位上不断奋战在新闻最前缐的工作伙伴, 以及在我们最艰困时期继续支持的商家客户, 因為有你 我们才能走到今天。

今天民主党拜登的胜选,给我们带来了希望和曙光 ,我们一定和他一起再次找回美国的国魂, 把民主、公平 、正义再度得到伸张。