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美国新冠疫情日记 11/ 10

美国新冠疫情日记 11/ 10

Change Is Coming

President-elect Biden announced a 12-person coronavirus task force today. The group will focus on the growing coronavirus pandemic, while for the third straight day the nation has surpassed 100,000 new cases. 

Today the drug maker Pfizer made a very exciting announcement. An early look at the data from its coronavirus vaccine testing shows that it is more than 90% effective and much better than expected. The vaccine requires two doses, one month apart. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla called the coronavirus vaccine the greatest medical advancement in the world’s last one hundred years. 

There are five ways Joe Biden says the U.S. coronavirus response will change when he’s president: Increased testing and contract tracing; Additional investment in vaccines and treatments; Mandatory masks and more PPEs; A push for clear consistent evidence based on guidance; Rejoining WHO and searching for future threats. 

President Trump is so far refusing to sign off on a key document needed to formally begin the government transition process while he continues to refuse to concede the race. 

We are urging the president-elect to pay attention not only to the pandemic and to the economy. We also need to look at the U.S. international affairs and rejoin the international community to lead the world again.


总统当选人拜登今天宣佈了十二位公卫专家组成的委员会 準备对新冠疫情紧急救治工作, 目前美国全国每天确诊人数仍然处於十万人以上之高峯。

今天传来了新冠疫苗接近成功的好消息, 辉瑞製药公司研製之疫苗已经达到百分之九十以上有效 这项成果是医学界百年来之重大成就。

拜登巳就如何拯救疫情提出五项建议 其中包括加强测验及追踪, 增加疫苗研究及治疗, 强制全民戴口罩 制定明确规范, 立即返回世界卫生组织。

截止今天為止, 白宫方面仍然没有和拜登阵营联繫, 川普总统已经决定打一场司法战, 但是世界各地政要已纷纷向拜登发出贺电 这场政治争夺战尚在进行中。

这㘯大选之后, 世界各国及美国国内显然大家都轻松了。