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美国新冠疫情日记 11/14

美国新冠疫情日记 11/14

I Became A Diplomat To Serve Guinea And Texas

The International Focus magazine sent their team to interview me last week. This is the first time since I was appointed the new Honorary Consul of Republic of Guinea in Houston. The magazine’s editor, Heidi Powell Prera, wanted to know my story for her article. That brought me back to my early days in America.

Everybody came to this country and all of us had a dream. I told Heidi that America is the only country in the world where you can start a media and banking business as an ordinary citizen. I am so lucky that in the last forty years, we have built a national media company and also a commercial bank.

When I became a publisher and a banker, I really had reached my goals in many ways. Fortunately, last year when I hosted Guinea’s President Conde at my home, he said that he wanted to appoint me as the Honorary Consul For Guinea In Houston. I really appreciated his offer. At first, I thought he was only joking. After many months, I received a message from Guinea’s Ambassador Yansane in Washington and he told me the State Department had already agreed to my appointment.

Wow! Suddenly I had become a diplomat! That was my dream come true! And I had been a Diplomacy major in college! After my studies, I never thought about becoming a diplomat.

My goal now is to do my best to promote the relationship between Texas and Africa.

With the help of my colleague, President of the International Trade Center, Honorable Gezahgen Kebede, Honorary Consul of Ethiopia, ITC will start our project as soon as possible.

Guinea is a country in West Africa. Guinea’s mineral wealth makes it potentially one of Africa’s richest countries.

Our goal will be to promote education, tourism and agriculture to Guinea.


上週我接受了《国际焦点》杂誌主编海蒂之专访, 谈到我被任命為几内亚驻休斯敦名誉总领事之感想, 这次访谈让我回到过去数十年来之艰辛岁月。

在访问中我告诉海蒂对我而言我们在这个充满机会的国家能够充分发挥我们的努力请问世界上有哪些国家可以譲你创办媒体事业和银行,我们都做到了, 我要感恩美国这块土地能够成就很多人的梦想。


我也会全力促成美非之间在经济观光、 教育及农业方面之交流, 以不负孔戴总统之重託。