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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 12/07

大侠行天下日记  我见我闻我思 12/07

我见 我闻 我思


已经是多少年前的事了在我大学时代因為研习外交,一直愿望是有天能成為外交官, 但是我的人生确走向新闻媒体的不同道路。

就在去年九月中旬, 我们有机会和荣幸在家中接待了西非几内亚总统孔戴及内阁部长近三十人之庞大代表团他在宴会上交待外交部长希望任命我為驻休斯敦名誉总领事, 当时我感到一阵突兀,对於总统之交待 也只有允应, 直到今年七月接到美国国务院之通告表示已正式接受我任命。 当天晚上我真是澈夜难眠回忆起从童年时因上初中和父母之相离而不捨的哭泣, 大学时半工半读的艰辛岁月 走在新闻媒体的道路上 从未想到此时此刻能為非洲和美国之政经交流扮演起外交官的角色。

接到几内亚驻美国大使杨森之电告, 定於十二月十日上午十时将在会上正式对外宣佈我的任命几内亚驻休斯敦名誉总领事并将在会中向美国各界人士介绍几内亚投资机会, 包括农业、 教育、 卫生保健、 基础建设、 观光等项目。

从今天开始我正式承担这些两国沟通合作之重任, 希望在未来能為两国之各项交流交出优异的成绩单。 也实现我从年轻时之梦想。

My Diplomat Dream

It was many years ago when I was a college student in Taiwan as a major in diplomacy that my big dream was to become a diplomat, but my whole career was later focused on the mass communication media business.

But it just so happened that in September of last year, we had the honor to host a welcome party for the West African country of Guinea’s president, His Excellency Alpha Conde and more than thirty of his cabinet ministers.

During the reception, President Conde asked me to serve as Guinea’s Honorary Consul to Houston. I was quite surprised his offer and immediately accepted his offer. Later this year, in July 2020, I received a diplomatic notice from the U.S. State Department from Guinea’s Ambassador in Washington, D.C., H.E. Kerfalla Yansane, with approval of my appointment as Guinea’s Honorary Consul In Houston. That night I was so excited I could not sleep. Suddenly I remembered that when I was just eleven years old, I had to go to the city from our village to attend middle school. When my dad left me at the school, I cried and didn’t want to let him go. Many years later I had to go to work and when I was in college, my life changed to different stage. I then spent all my career time in the media business and never thought about becoming a diplomat again.

Ambassador Yansane has now called me and he will sponsor a virtual seminar titled, “U.S.-Guinean Opportunities & Introduction Of The New Honorary Consul In Texas.” He will formally introduce me to the general public and business community during this event.

In the meantime, we will cover topics including Trade and Investment, Agriculture, Tourism, Healthcare and Education.

This workshop will also provide the platform to gain insight and update information about Guinea.

It is such an honor and responsibility to serve in the consular position. I will definitely do my best to promote good relations between Texas and Africa.

This is my dream come true.