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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 12/25

大侠行天下日记  我见我闻我思 12/25

我见 我思 我闻

一国之君 以心何忍

正当五千万人等待求援全国各地领取食物救济的民眾大排长龙, 川普总统不顾民间疾苦, 今午离开白宫到佛罗里达州去过圣诞节打高尔夫, 但他确忘记了数千万同胞正处於飢饿状态。

川普总统今天不愿回应為何拒绝签署由他的政府参加协调促成国会参眾两院批准的国防法案及纾困方案, 由于他对两个方案另有意见造成了多少等待急救的国民 ,让他们希望落空更摧毁了多少个家庭在圣诞夜餐桌上的食物。

我们要劝告总统先生, 他是一国之君 不能因為选举失败而怪罪於全民 他的任性举止已经让美国蒙羞让全世界看笑话最让人不耻的是他已经在给数十位因选举活动而叛刑的人给予政治特赦包括他女婿的父亲在内, 毎日在白宫研究如何在大选中翻盘。

我们要问总统先生你能远走佛州去打小白球丢下十万火急的纾困案而不顾如果你说六百元太少, 我们可以先通过你的签署再通加到每人二千元也可行。

说实话我们有这样的领导人, 只顾一己之私 真是天地所不容也。

People Are Suffering

When President Trump was leaving the White House he refused to answer questions about his veto of the massive defense bill or his refusal to sign the $900 billion stimulus package congress had negotiated with his administration.

Tonight is Christmas Eve. More than fifty million families had difficulty putting food on the table today. The long lines are forming in many cities and the people are waiting for food.

Earlier today, Trump invited state Republican lawmakers to the White House. He hoped that someone somewhere will help him reverse the results of the Electoral College vote. Shortly afterwards, he retweeted a call from one of his supporters from Vice President Pence to refuse to ratify the Electoral College results on January 6.

Today President Trump announced more pardons for his supporters including Charles Kushner the father of his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

As ordinary citizens, we really don’t understand why the president is holding this life or death bill and refusing to sign it. If you think that six hundred dollars is not enough right now for the people, why don’t we add on to it in the future and sign the stimulus package now and release the funds to all of our suffering people?

The whole world is watching the United States of America and they are laughing at us. We never would have thought that as the model of a democratic nation that we would have a leader working against his own people

Mr. President, please look how the pandemic has put our nation into hell. We should come to the rescue of our pain and not add more pain upon us.