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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 12/26

大侠行天下日记  我见我闻我思 12/26

我见 我思 我闻


圣诞日上午六时半位於田那西州纳士威尔音乐城中区发生一起爆炸事件, 停在市中心的一辆旅游车在车主向警方通报后他预告将会炸掉这辆车, 当警察到达后的半小时, 果然如暴徒所说发生了巨大爆炸声 在六条街外都感受到巨大震撼, 所幸警察事先通知了隣近公寓之居民紧急疏散, 只有三人受伤。

由联邦调查局组成的调查团已经在参加调查 他们已经证实可能是个恐袭事件, 并且已经在全国发佈通缉令, 最令人不可思议的是,兇嫌是事先向警方告知并从清晨播放音乐。

正当我们正在面对疫情灾难, 三十三万国人失去生命, 在我们的圣诞晚餐上 多少家庭的晚餐桌的亲人缺席了家人的心中有无比之悲痛 今早在这个音乐名城的爆炸真是雪上加霜。

川普总统夫妇在前往佛州之前 曾经和副总统潘斯会面希望副总统能够在元月六曰参议院大会中阻止宣布总统选举人票之结果, 至到今天 他仍然相信自己是胜利者。

候任总统拜登伉儷今天也发表圣诞贺词, 他保证将竭尽全力来挽救疫情, 希望明天一定会更好。

Nashville Explosion On Christmas Day

The explosion came after several warnings from inside a parked RV, then the blast shattered the Christmas morning silence in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee.

Just before dawn, police received a call of gunfire in downtown Nashville and the caller said that a bomb would be detonated in the next fifteen minutes. When the RV exploded it blew out windows in shops and offices for several blocks, leaving three people hospitalized.

The police released a photo of the RV on Friday afternoon and said the vehicle arrived at the location at 1:22 AM and parked in front of the AT&T building. It is unclear if anyone was inside the RV when it exploded.

Nashville Mayor John Cooper said that at least 41 businesses were damaged by the explosion. One building located directly across from the explosion totally collapsed.

With the nation still facing the pandemic, this tragedy will only add to the people’s sadness. Many families have lost their loved ones to the pandemic this year and there were many empty seats at Christmas dinner tables in many cities.

Before President Trump left the White House, he met in the Oval Office with Vice President Pence. Trump wants Pence to stop the ratification of the Electoral College votes and to support his bid to overturn the election. Until now, Trump has refused to admit his loss.

President-elect Biden and his wife Jill issued a Christmas message to wish all the people peace, joy, health and happiness in this season, but he knows that for so many of us in the country this has been a very difficult year.

We all hope the year of 2020 will be over soon.