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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 12/29

大侠行天下日记  我见我闻我思 12/29

我思 我见 我闻


今年的圣诞节数以千万计的国人在沮丧失望中度过国会参眾两院通过的纾困案, 川普总统终于在週日晚上签署。

华府白宫之总统大选, 因為川普之坚持自己是获胜者而一直无法顺利交接, 这场政治大戏牵动了整个世界的动脉 他们对於川普之行劲, 多半都感到失望和不安。

九千亿的纾困案是在给予失业者及家庭拯救他们燃眉之急许多人可以避免房屋被没收, 无钱去买食品而变成无家可归被扫地出门。

我们也欣见全美许多多社区的左隣右舍在不断伸出援手, 把安装好的食物袋送到需要的家庭门口, 大方地捐献给当地的食物银行, 前往老师家的前院為刚出院的她献上美丽的歌声, 為孩童们送上圣诞礼物。

所幸在最前缐上工作的医护人员已经得到新冠疫苗之接种, 但是这还是少数中之少数 就以美国而言, 每一千个国人就有一个人失去了生命 这是多麼可怕的数字啊。

我们急盼川普总统不要在以国人之苦痛及生命為兜戯 政客们的倒行逆施, 必然有报应 也是為天地所不容。

An Anxious and Frustrating Christmas

President Trump signed the stimulus bill and the government spending bill Sunday night to avoid government shutdown.

We are really very sad at this Christmas time. So many people are suffering while the politicians are living a life of luxury and don’t have any feelings for those people in the bottom rungs of society.

We are also watching many citizens who are lending a helping hand to their neighbors and friends. Some of the people deliver food bags in front of their neighbor’s door. Some students were singing songs in front of their teacher’s house. Other people are giving out toys to the disadvantaged kids. After all, we are all brothers and sisters.

The year of 2020 is almost over. And as President-elect Biden said, “Our dark days are not over yet.”

We just all need to stick together. Later, history will give all those arrogant politicians a serious judgment.

The Coronavirus is still attacking our nation in many ways. We all want the vaccine to come more quickly to let more people have a chance to get vaccinated. This is probably the only way we can survive