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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 12/30

大侠行天下日记  我见我闻我思 12/30

我见 我思 我闻


今午我们步入世界级知名的圣路加医疗中心,沿着整排雄伟的医院长廊走去,心中感到十分之激动和期待,这是女儿元瑜為我们安排的新冠辉瑞疫苗之接种,这座享誉全球的医院, 為我们安排了週全之服务 ,在医护人员之引导下, 下午二时半準时為我们注射了第一针无比珍贵之疫苗, 目前為止 ,只有二百万人接受注射, 我们是何等之幸运。

自从新冠疫情在年初开始氾滥以来, 我们对於在圣路加工作的女儿十分担心 ,她日夜站在救人的最前缐 ,她不顾自身安危, 因為这是医生之天责。

记起多年前, 在纽约哥伦比亜大学上学的女儿 ,每次我去探访,都把她的室友有白人、亚裔 、拉丁裔 、黑人 一起邀约到大学对面的韩国馆, 饱餐一顿, 尤其在冬天的纽约 ,室外飘着雪 ,我们大嚼辛棘的韩式火锅和泡菜。

时光易逝, 女儿已经行医十餘年了, 由于她的善解人意, 乐於助人, 脸带微笑, 勇於任事, 不断得到同事及病患之讚誉。

我们感到十二万分的庆幸, 值此新冠疫情还不断冲击汜滥之时刻 ,全美只有二百万人极少数能接种 ,在女儿之悉心安排下优先种苗。

还有更多的疫苗在近期内将问市, 全球都在期待疫苗能够尽快拯救在水深火热中的灾情, 让我们共同為科硏专家及前綫的医疗团队表示由衷之感谢吧。

We Got The COVID-19 Pfizer Vaccination

Today my wife and I walked into the world famous CHI St. Luke’s Medical Center to get the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine shot which was arranged by our daughter Margaret. In the lobby area we were greeted by very professional nurses and got the shot at 2:30 pm. We are so fortunate at this coronavirus pandemic time. We were among one or two million people to get the vaccination so far.

Since early this year, Margaret has worked at the hospital. We have been so worried about her safety, but she is so devoted to do everything a dedicated professional medical doctor needs to do.

It was many years ago when Margaret studied at New York Columbia University. Every time I went to visit her, we always invited all her roommates to eat Korean food in front of the university. In the winter days especially, the barbecue made us warmer.

Margaret became a medical doctor almost ten years ago. With her warm personality and smiling face, along with her natural kindness, she has had a very successful career as a physician.

We are also so fortunate and proud because with Margaret’s help, we had the chance to get vaccinated at a very early stage.

We all hope more vaccine will be on the way. This is problematic and the only chance to rescue our society.

Here we are all thankful for the many vaccine researchers and medical teams on the front line fighting the virus every day.