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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 01/08/2021

大侠行天下日记  我见我闻我思 01/08/2021

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我们号称是世界上实施民主制度的老牌国家,暴徒公然佔领民主殿堂是何等不幸之大事, 它不仅是美国的问题, 也影响了所有世界民主国家未来的走向。

许多世界领袖直接指责川普应為暴力事件负责, 因為他不断散播仇恨及虚假言论, 致使川粉相信他铤而走险,他公然对同党人士进行攻击在川普政府服务之公僕更换有如走马灯, 离职官员多半对他愤怒相对,出书爆料, 他对此也不在乎, 只希望追求权位保住大座。

政治观察家都认為世界上许多国家都在长期上演未遂政变, 现在终於在美国上演所幸川普之野心未能实现, 总算今天承认元月二十日之政权应该和平转移, 但為时已晚。

现任交通部长的华裔赵小兰今天已向川普递交辞职 我们真是要為赵部长喝采, 我们也真难想像她是如何和川普在白宫共事数年。

美国国会也在酝酿立即对川普提出罢免案, 也希望副总统能提出宪法第二十五条修正案迫总统去职。

总之 川普总统大胆妄為的行為 已经让他成為歷史的罪人 更不要多想下届能选总统的美梦了。

他曾经说过, 宪法是我们几个世纪智慧和经验之產物 一场激进运动正试图摧毁这一珍贵遗產, 这不就是他教唆川粉去干的蠢事吗?

川普终於在週四上午发表声明承认败选, 同意在元月二十日和平交出政权。

Trump Finally Concedes He Lost The Election

This is a very shameful and sad day in American history. The pro-Trump rioters attacked  not only a building, but also the Constitution of the United States. As President-elect Joe Biden said, “Our democracy is under unprecedented assault unlike anything we have seen in modern times.” He described it as an assault on the “citadel of liberty,” the Capitol itself.”

Wednesday was a horrifying and shameful moment in American history. A lot of countries have had coups in their governments. Now it has finally happened in our country.

Trump was talking for democracy, still saying that the election was stolen. Almost 62 percent of Republicans believed that what he said was laying the groundwork for the kind of violence that occurred.

The rest of the world watched as an angry mob stormed the heart of the world’s most powerful democracy as the suspense was unfolding in Washington, D.C. with dismay and disbelief.

Today Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chow resigned from her post. We applaud her for her right decision. Many congressmen also wanted to impeach the president and some of them suggested the cabinet should force him to resign.

We are very happy that the new administration will be inaugurated within two weeks.

On Thursday, Trump finally conceded publicly for the first time that he will not serve a second term and said that, “A new administration will be inaugurated on January 20th.

Yes, Mr. President, you just did the right thing.