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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 01/28/2021

大侠行天下日记  我见我闻我思 01/28/2021

我见 我思 我闻


拜登总统今天签署行政命令将允许更多的难民进入美国 推翻了前任川普政府之难民政策 他毎年只能接受一万五千人 但是拜登总统将把难民人数增加到十二万五千人。

我们非常赞同新政府之徳政, 允许更多的难民来到美国追求他们的梦想。

近年来由於世界各地战乱不断大批难民流窜世界各地他们多半希望前往美国 但由于川普反移民政策, 几乎变得不可能。



今天看看世界各国之情况 由於保守政策拒绝接受新的移民多半都处於国力哀退之窘境, 他们拒绝接受难民缺乏移民政策, 是国家发展缺乏动力的最大原因。

美国的立国精神是以大爱精神号召但在上任总统以美国优先為民实行反移民政策 过去四年来造成了许多人间悲剧, 把难民之孩童和父母分离居留。

我的好友琪美容保养品公司老闆薛米先生在十五年前曾经竞选德州州长, 他在选举大会上公开表示, 如果德州没有拉丁和墨裔移民 就如我们没有阳光一様 薛米先生是来自巴勒斯坦之难民 如今他创建了龎大的事业群, 更是难民成功之实例。

The Success Story Of Farouk Shami

President Biden is ready to sign an executive order to let tens of thousands more refugees come into America.

Under former President Trump there was a cap of 15,000 refugees in fiscal year of 2021. The number of refugees admitted into the U.S. fell dramatically under the Trump administration.

During the campaign Biden committed to open more doors to newcomers and allow 125,000 to come into the country. That is ten times more than the previous administration.

We are so glad President Biden is helping more refugees come here to seek the American dream.

We as the new immigrant community will open our arms to welcome them because most of the people are looking to America as their last hope.

Almost fifteen years ago the founder of Chi, my friend Mr. Farouk Shami, was running for Governor of Texas. His famous remark was, “In Texas, without Latino Mexicans, it would look like our sky without sunshine.”

Farouk is an immigrant from Palestine. His success story represents how much contribution newcomers make to our nation.

Farouk we are so proud of you. Today all of us should be able to tell the new administration that it is vital for our country to have new blood to build this nation.

Many years later we will have more Farouks in this country to help America become a better place to live.