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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 01/30/2021

大侠行天下日记  我见我闻我思 01/30/2021

我见 我思 我闻


美国娇生药厂今天作出重大宣布该公司硏究之新冠疫苗将於下星期送交联邦政府审查,将是一针就搞定的疫苗, 这无疑是当前疫情紧张情势的一剂强心针。

正当在英国、南非变异病毒猖獗之时,娇生疫苗有高达百分之七十二之效果, 对付南非疫情也可达百分之五十七。

在美国政府支持之五家製药公司中, 娇生是唯一只要施打一次, 这将会加速全国国民得到疫苗之保。



全球七十多亿人口中,目前各国生產之疫苗多半控制在富有国家手中, 许多贫困国家根本无能力採购,如果多半的人无法得到施打,对於全球恢復常态将是严重的挑战。

今天的世界已经是地球村,不管你如何置身事外, 将无法逃避共有之挑战。

我们非常高兴看到拜登总统对国人及全世界人类之慈仁之心, 我们一定要尽力帮助全球走出苦痛之深渊。

The One Shot Vaccine Is Coming

Johnson & Johnson is the only major drug company developing a one-shot vaccine for COVID. It is a shot that will provide strong protection and potentially offer another powerful tool to fight the worldwide crisis.

Johnson & Johnson became the fiftieth company supported by the U.S. government to develop an effective vaccine in less than one year and the only one that will need only one dose. It is very important that the new vaccine gets approved as soon as possible to reduce the burden of the crisis around the world.

White House officials have been counting on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to ease the shortfall of supply.

When the nation is screaming to get more vaccines, this new product will not just be for our own use. It also will help more people around the world in the future.

Today, of the total world population, only a few rich countries are in control of the vaccine. We still have most people without the vaccine. When we look at the current pandemic, unless we can vaccinate the majority of the people, we just cannot stop the crisis.

The Biden administration is doing their best now in many ways. We want to urge the Congress to take the dramatic measure to pass the relief bill. Unless we can take care of the current pandemic, our economy will still suffer.

If Johnson & Johnson can deliver the vaccine quickly enough to United States, it might be able to drive down the number of new cases before the new variants make things worse.

We really want to salute all the scientists for their contribution for making another new vaccine, not just to save our nation, but for the rest of the world as well.