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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 02/06/2021

大侠行天下日记  我见我闻我思 02/06/2021

时代之脚步不停 我们也没有理由停

美南新闻 覆盖全球

世局之千变万化及科技之加速进展 对媒体事业之挑战是前所未有 过去四十二年来, 我们从传统的织字时代 走过电脑植字之进程, 随着五G时代之来临, 我们都在努力走在时代之前端, 科技对人类生活带来崭新的新页。

近年来, 由於科技之猛进 為全球人类透过手机 平板舗成各种不同的新媒体, YouTube 脸书 抖音、 推特带走了大多数的读者和听眾, 自媒体工作者可以在社交媒体上发挥得漓淋尽致, 同时也為新闻传播建立了坚实广大的平台 可以為千万人尽情地表达才艺和意见, 塑造成千军万马的意见新领䄂。

鉴於面对未来之挑战 美南新闻团队正在整装待发, 我们将把传媒集团每天「制作生產」之新闻资讯產品 送上十大新媒体平台, 以供全球读者和观眾共享, 其中包括YouTub脸书、 推特、 谷歌、APP 微信、 头条 抖音、 line Telegram ITalkBB

美南新闻自一九七九年六日十六日在美国德州休斯敦创刊以来, 我们深耕於全美国十大城市, 可谓是最瞭解美国的媒体, 我们在全美各地的工作伙伴, 将竭尽所能努力向「美南新媒体 覆盖全球」之宏大目标前进。

We Are Opening A New Chapter Of The New Media

Since June 16, 1979, when the first issue of the Southern Chinese News was published in Houston, Texas, we became one of the largest Asian news groups in America. When we look back at forty-two years ago, we were using a very traditional typesetting machine to publish the newspaper. And then when computers and software arrived, we totally changed our editing and pre-press production work.

Because new technology has arrived the whole world is changing. New Smartphones, iPads and 5G internet connections all bring new life to the world.

Today Southern News Group will be a part of this new era to manage and edit our news products to go on all the social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and WeChat to bring the latest information to all our readers and listeners and through these new platforms we can reach more people than ever before.

Our news team will set up a new production line for presenting the daily news and television programs and will connect with all the different social media platforms so that more people will have access to the news immediately through messages on their smartphones and small iPad devices.

For our media business this is the time we need to change, adapt and adjust to the new digital environment. Our goal is to keep our readers and listeners in touch with the news through the power of social media.

We are ready to welcome the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Metal Ox. Our team will continue to try our best to serve our community here and all around the world.