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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 03/09

大侠行天下日记  我见我闻我思 03/09

我见 我闻 我思


刚出炉的民调显示,角逐纽约市长的华裔候选人杨安泽以百分之三十二之民意在五位候选人中居领先地位, 他的对手包括企业界、 前统计局长、 纽约市长助理等。


早在两年多前,他参选美总统民主党候选人,曾经多次造访休斯敦 ,他的主要政见是如果他选上总统 将给每一个国民每月发放一千美金, 这种撒钱的政见 得到许多穷人之大力支持, 在过去二年多之竞选活动中,他既然能和其他候选人平起平坐,虽然未能如愿,但也是虽败犹荣。

杨安泽是道地的ABC,在美国出生的华裔第二代,在他身上我们可以看到他品学兼优,吃苦耐, 和处世和睦之一面,他要在纽约战胜市长之战,所面临之挑战可想而知。


We Support Andrew Yang’s Run For Mayor Of New York

In the first WPIX-Tv poll of the New York mayoral race, Chinese American Andrew Yang leads the crowded Democratic primary with 32% of the Democratic votes.

Other candidates in the race include Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, former counsel to Mayor DeBlasio, and NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer.

We are so proud and happy that Andrew Yang has become the first Asian American to run for mayor of the world’s greatest city - New York City.

A couple of years ago Andrew Yang visited Houston when he was in the Democratic Presidential race. We were getting together in our community to support him and he promised that if he became president he would give all the citizens one thousand dollars every month. His proposal was welcomed by a lot of voters. In the primary race, he was able to stay in the race until the last stage. Even through he could not make it to the top, his fight was glorious and we are so very proud of him.

Andrew Yang is an ABC (American Born Chinese). According to his family background, he was a good student with a hard-working character and a very friendly attitude. He represented a new generation of Asian Americans. We all need to support his fight for the mayor’s race in New York City.