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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 03/12

大侠行天下日记  我见我闻我思 03/12

我见 我思 我闻


美国疾病专家福其在新冠疫情发生后的週年谈话中,非常伤感地说,我真的没有料到 美国有五十三万多人丧失了宝贵生命, 虽然当初我预期会非常严重,但是也想不到会如此悲惨。


為什麼美国如此强大的国家,因病毒而不堪一击,我们对於国家领导人之任性感到万般遗憾, 联邦和地方之不协调,个人之自私自利,多少人在悲惨之生活中挣扎。



Better Days Are Ahead

One year after WHO declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci told a reporter that there could be an unprecedented fight to stop the virus. He never imagined at the time that we would lose more than one-half million lives in our country.

It has now been just over a year now that we as a media company have witnessed so many tragedies in our community and all over the nation. Many people have not only lost their loved ones, but many of them have also lost their businesses and all their life’s work and savings.

Up until today many people still don’t understand how a strong nation like America just couldn’t fight this battle and have so many losses in our country.

A year later most of the nation is open for business. We all hope the pandemic is under control. We want to see students go back to school. People can go back to work and grandparents can visit their grand kids again. Finally, life can get back to normal.

President Biden just spoke to the nation. He promised that before May 1, all the people over 18 will be vaccinated.

Thank you Mr. President. We really appreciate what you have done for us.