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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 04/07

大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 04/07

我见 我思 我闻


今天下午在美南新闻大楼迎来了近百位来自各族裔社区领袖 共同為国际社区服务中心揭开序幕,為我们今后做為政府和民间之桥樑开啟新的通路

今天参加剪綵仪式的贵宾除了格林国会议员之外还有来自市政府 华人菲律宾 印度 韩国 越南 缅甸 日本 非裔 拉丁社区之代表多年来我们大家和平共处於休斯敦国际社区互动互助已经成為一个大家庭

国际社区服务中心是直属於国际贸易中心非营利组织机构多年来我们主要在推动国际贸易文化之交流今天成立的服务中心将加强服务於小型企业如何取得政府之资助更包括移民税务 退伍军人 职业介绍 政府医疗 幼儿教育及市政府公共服务等之諮询并可通过缐上交流或面谈方式进行沟通


回忆数十年在美创办媒体事业能够入各族裔社区值此疫情时期 开设為全社区服务之机构為社会贡献薄力实乃今生之一大幸事。

国际社区服务中心可拨美南新闻专缐382-498-4320 Nicole 查询

ITC Community Resource Center Is Open 

 On Tuesday at noon we were here to welcome Congressman Al Green and many community leaders who came to the Southern News Group Building to celebrate the opening of the ITC Community Resource Center. This center will build a bridge between our people and government.

Today’s ceremony is represented by many local leaders. They came from the Chinese, Vietnamese, Filippino, Korean, Burmese, Indian, Pakistan, Japanese, African and Latino communities. We are so proud that all of us belong to one big family.

This center will provide many information services including Disaster Assistance, Loans and Grants, small minority business development, tax information, immigration, workforce, veterans issues, senior care and child care.

At today’s event, Congressman Green also issued a proclamation and brought an American flag to us. His remarks made me feel very moved and honored.

In my forty years media journey, this is a milestone of my career. I hope we can try our best to serve our community.