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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 04/30

大侠行天下日记  我见我闻我思 04/30

我见 我闻 我思






Six Trillion Dollars Invested In Our Future

President Biden made his first speech to Congress last night and discussed his economic and infrastructure plans for the nation. He also touched on many important issues including America’s role in the world, the coronavirus pandemic, healthcare, gun control, taxation, race and policing, energy and climate change.

He formally announced the American Families Plan which would provide an additional $1.8 trillion federal investment in education, child care and paid family leave.

He also talked about the $2 trillion dollar American Jobs Plan for improving the nation’s infrastructure and shifting to greener energy in the next eight years.

Biden’s total $6 trillion dollar spending bill will change our nation’s future.

A lot of people might not like such a huge spending budget, but it is necessary for our next generation to come.

 Today we want to urge the President to open more doors to the immigrants who want to come to this country. We need to let them bring their talented people and money. After all, this great nation was built by immigrants.