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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 06/18/2021

大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思  06/18/2021



应俄罗斯驻休斯敦总领事扎哈罗夫(大使衔)之邀 日前参加了庆祝俄罗斯国庆到贺者除了当地政府国务院官员之外各国驻在休斯敦之总领事暨外交代表二百人参加







Celebrating Russian National Day

Invited by Consul General of the Russian Federation Alexander Zakharov, I attended the Russian National Day celebration. Almost two hundred guests came to celebrate and express their congratulations for the national day event.

Ambassador Zakharov wanted all the guests to understand the importance of the relationship between our two countries. He wants the summit in Geneva to come to a positive conclusion for the benefit of both countries and their peoples.

Two Russian astronauts also came to the party talked about their wonderful experience with their American colleagues.

No doubt, Russia’s military and space technology is still very strong and trying to lead the world in many ways.

In Geneva, two heads of state at the summit couldn’t arrive at a very good conclusion as expected, and it was agreed upon to send the ambassador back to the capital.

This is the first time I have represented the Republic of Guinea by attending the Russian National Day party. I met many diplomats and consuls at the event. We all toasted vodka and caviar. It is very strong and tastes good.

We are facing so many challenges these days. We all hope the two countries will come into agreement because the world needs peace and prosperity.