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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 06/29

大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 06/29

西部牛仔小镇 早已「拥枪自重」了


德州州长上月在最新持枪法案签上大名之后,从今年九月一日开始, 二十一岁以上的德州人可以在大街上公开持枪, 不需有任何执照 ,此一法律真是使德州佬回到西部牛仔的时代了。


德州在加入美利坚共和国以前是个独立的国家 ,因地广人稀 ,盛產石油黑黄金 ,家财万贯, 而且极有牛仔精神, 许多州民还以穿上长靴头戴牛仔帽為荣。


我的好友景米洪医生是老布什总统之御牙医,多年来他在离市近百哩处拥有百亩庄园, 并自建一八六O年代西部牛仔小镇, 定名為新杜彬纳市, 自命為市长兼警长, 我们在友人之介绍相识多年, 洪医生和我特别投缘, 并任命我為副市长兼副警长 ,并且把他庄园的密码交给我, 每次我和友人前往拜访参观, 他都无比之亲切, 尤其对我们华裔同胞 ,洪医生家中和身上都拥有枪枝, 他是标準保守德州人, 他对我们始终亲如家人, 脸上永远掛着友善的笑脸。


这是我一年半后首次返回新杜纳镇, 我们再次热情拥抱 ,久别重逢有回家之感觉。


德州人有许多就如他一样, 拥枪自重是他们的生活方式, 也不足為奇了。


Old Western Town At New Dubina, Texas

Even though Texas has passed the gun law, it still applies to people with clear criminal records who are 21 or older, or at least 18 for the people serving in the military.

The places where the carrying of handguns is not permitted under present law do not change. Such places include polling place, government buildings, courthouses, high schools, racetracks, correctional facilities, amusement parks and bars.

After all, the new law really opens a new chapter for the State of Texas.

Before we became part of the United States, Texas was a nation state. Because Texas is such a rich state, we have rich natural resources. Many people moved to Texas looking for opportunity.

My dear friend Dr. Jimmy Helms, a retired dentist whose patients included former President George H. W. Bush, has built his own old western town on his 105-acre ranch. We have known Jimmy for many years and we have become very good friends. He also has named me as a Deputy Sheriff of New Dubina. I brought a lot of my friends to visit the small western town. He always greets us with the warmest party in his house.

Jimmy’s New Dubina old west town has been filmed on television many times.

Like many Texans, Jimmy always carries a gun on his compound.

Almost one and a half year later, we visited Jimmy again in his old town. We are so glad this coronavirus pandemic is almost over. We need to go and visit this beautiful land more often.