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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 07/03

大侠行天下日记  我见我闻我思 07/03


近十年来,由于大批移民和外州移居德州人口激增,全德州少数族高裔人口已经接近半数 ,不但改变了人口结构,更让我们的多种文化和媒体大放异彩。

多年来,美南新闻印报厂及美南电视摄影棚,不断為近百家少数族裔媒体服务,包括西班牙、越南 、韩国、 阿拉伯文、 俄罗斯、 日本等各族裔社区的报纸都是我们服务的客户,加上近年来电视新媒体之崛起,我们的电视摄影棚,也為大家共同享用制作各种不同之语言节目。





Founding Of Texas Minority Media Alliance

Today more than twenty Texas and Houston Minority Media leaders got together at an organizing meeting to form the Texas Minority Media Alliance. Together we will make a formidable force to be reckoned with. We must unite to leverage the minority population with a voice.

We have united to form an alliance to extend our individual reach and support our collective communities.

We are so glad that our Congressman Al Green, Texas Senator John Whitmire and State Representative Gene Wu came to the meeting to give us their support.

Today Texas is the state that has so many newcomers looking forward to opportunity. At least 11,000 new residents move to Texas every day and many of them are members of minority groups, especially those from California.

In the last forty years, Southern News Group has offered many media services to the community, including print newspaper and TV production and we have also held many community events that we have co-sponsored together with many groups.

Most of us came from different corners of the world. We settled down in this great land and made it our home. We all love America.

The Texas Minority Media Alliance can become one of the most important historical organizations in our history. We will continue to write new chapters of history for our community.