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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 07/08

大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 07/08


海地总统摩依士於週三凌晨一时在其居所被一批刺客刺杀后不治身亡, 其夫人亦受重伤在急救之中。

海地总理乔瑟在声明中强烈谴责这项野蛮的行刺行动,并希望国人保持冷静, 全国安全将由国家警政及空军负责以确保政府之继续运作。

按照海地宪法, 总统职应由最高法院法官继任, 但是他确因新冠肺炎去世, 下面一位继任者应该是总理 ,但需要国会同意, 目前国会在休会中, 因為选举还没有如期举行。

摩依士於二O一七年二月七日就任总统任期本应到今年二月七日结束, 但他坚持任期应到明年二月, 因而造成国内暴乱不断。

这个加勒比海岛国是世界上最贫穷的国家之一 ,多年前的地震大颶风 ,生命财產重创。

海地是美国后院 实施民主制度多年 ,但是仍然一贫如洗, 民不聊生, 选举制度成了仇恨的根源,

多年来 ,充分证明 ,如果教育和经济没有达到相当水平, 自由选举将无法达成国家的繁荣。

Haitian President Moise Is Dead

Haitian President Moise was  assassinated Wednesday in his residence. The country's First Lady also was injured in the attack. She was in critical condition and was flown to Florida later

Haitian Prime Minister Joseph described the attack as a hateful, inhumane and barbaric act. He wants the international community to launch an investigation into the killing and   a to file a request with the United Nations to hold a Security Council meeting on the attack.

President Biden, as expected, was shocked and saddened.

This Caribbean country with 11 million people is the poorest nation in the world. In the last several years they have been facing so many political and economic challenges.

Many years ago when an earthquake caused the nation so much tragedy, it has never recovered from that disaster.

This is so sad. The nation has lost their leader. We all think about the democratic system that could help a country’s future, but that is not the way for Haitians.

Our condolences go out to the President’s family and to the Haitian people.