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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 07/15

大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思  07/15

我见 我闻 我思


美国疫情专家警告如果成年人不接种疫苗将会影响孩童的传染 并导致疫情之捲土重来

根据霍布金斯大学之统计 过去一週以来至少四十六州之疫情都增加了百分之十以上 洛杉磯县统计数字顕示过去一个月来 确诊人数就增加了五倍之多 而全县只有百分之四十八点一的居接种了疫苗

在密西西比州 已经有七名孩童感染住进急诊中心专家们表示 百分之三十四的人在得过COVID-19 之后都会有神经及心理上的创伤

新冠病毒疫情肆虐以来 美国已经有六十万人丧生 这埸无情的浩 如果不是疫苖之发现 真是不堪设想

全美医疗专家及社会人士正在讨论我们是否要实施全民强制接种疫苗之措施 我们是全力支持这项行动

近半年来已经充分证明疫苗是防范病毒传播之唯一有效方法 我们对於那些不愿接受科学验证而不去接种的人 要提出强烈的谴责

请大家要体认到我们是生活在一个地球村 许多国家目前还非常缺乏疫苗 而我们是有疫苗不愿去接种 那些所谓个人自由自主之观念已经危及他人的生存 这种自私自利令人厌恶和不耻

Is The Coronavirus Pandemic Coming Back?

Medical experts warn that if more adults in the nation do not get vaccinated, our children will likely pay the price.

In 46 states the rate of new cases this past week was at least 10% higher than the rate of new cases the previous week. In Los Angeles County there has been a 500% increase in cases over the past month. As cases increased only 48.1% of the population has been fully vaccinated. In Mississippi seven children are in intensive care with COVID-19. Experts said that many more adolescents could become hospitalized in the state.

Scientists also have now seen neurological consequences to long-haul COVID along with brain damage as well.

With the experts urging the importance of vaccinating a majority of Americans against the virus, some officials are debating whether we should mandate vaccinations at the local level.

We totally agree with the mandated vaccination because we are protecting the rest of population at the same time.

Many people still don’t believe in the science of the vaccine. In the last half year if we were without the vaccine, could we still control the pandemic?

We urge all the people to get vaccinated as soon as possible. We don’t want to see more tragedy come back again.