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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 09/19

大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 09/19



成千上万的中南美洲难民目前正结集在美墨边境帝罗镇的大桥下, 一万四千名难民正等待美国移民官员审查身份。

这批多半是来自海地及中美洲的难民 ,过去几天来被困在帝罗国际大桥下, 他们携家带眷睡在地上缺水又缺食物 ,真是在上演一场人间悲剧。

海地因為多次之地震及总统遇刺造成大量的难民逃亡潮, 他们主要还是想逃到美国 ,由於疫情严重 ,边防警察授权可以阻止难民越界 ,但是联邦法官週四裁定此执法行為对於有孩童之家庭例外。

目前美国正面临非法难民入境之危机 ,单就八月份就有二十万八千人,今年总共已有一百五十万难民来到美国 ,但是他们大多数还是会被遣返。

值此全球及美国之疫情还在不断蔓延之中, 美国在阿富汗撤军之后要处理為数眾多之难民 ,再加上目前来自墨西哥边境之百万逃亡者, 真是令拜登政府焦头烂额。

美国号称是人道主义国家 ,又岂可见死不救 ,今天如果世界局势继续不安 ,经济不振, 难民问题是无法解决。

Thousands Of Migrants Under A Texas Bridge

Thousands of migrants, including families and babies, were crowded in a camp under the Del Rio International Bridge last week. They slept in the dirt without much food and water in hopes of being processed by the U.S. Border Patrol.

Many of them are Haitian who have assembled in the temporary site that has grown to more than 13,000 last week.

Haiti is feeling the pain from a major earthquake that left more than 2,000 people dead and thousands more injured with their president Moise having been assassinated.

The southern border crossings have reached the highest level in decades with more than 20,800 in August being reported with a total this year of 1.5 million being met.

Today the Biden administration is facing another crisis again in Del Rio, Texas. Del Rio Mayor Lorano has asked the president for additional resources and manpower to process the migrants at the border.

Images from the bridge show crowds of migrants at the camp. Many were carrying young children across the deep waters and looking to come to America.

With the pandemic still attacking around the world, many people are fighting for survival and trying to join the crowd at the border. We really need to help these people as much as possible. Unfortunately, most of the people will still need to be sent back to their country.