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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 10/12

大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 10/12

我见 我思 我闻


休斯敦体育局今天上午在美南电视摄影棚和国际乒乓球联盟举行记者招待会 这项首次在北美地区举行的大型比赛 将於十一月二十三日到二十九日在休斯敦乔治布朗大会议中心举行 这将是一场高手云集竞赛激烈的世界赛事

休斯敦体育局首席执行官伯克表示 我们不但要办好这项世界赛事 而且很荣幸来纪念一九七一年之乒乓外交 中美两国一致行动改变了世界 据悉 体育局也将举办一场盛大之庆祝晚宴

我们非常热烈地展开双臂迎接全世界之选举手来到休斯敦 更能重啟世界国民外交之活动

位於休斯敦的德州乒乓球中心 由徐建勋律师首先发起 如今己有十年历史 他们的工作得到中外人士高度讚赏

今天世界情势及经济环境都十分严峻 我们真的需要这个世界性的赛事 為全球注入新的活力

World Table Tennis Championship Is Coming To Houston

The upcoming World Table Tennis Championship is scheduled to be held in Houston, Texas, from November 23-29. It will be the 56th edition of the championship and the first time ever to be held in the United States.

The Houston Sports Authority CEO Janice Burke along with CFO Michael Brown of the International Table Tennis Federation hosted a news conference at the Southern TV studio to announce to the entire international community this historic news about this great event.

We will be here to welcome the thousands of players from more than 125 countries who will visit this great city of Houston, Texas. This will be the first time this event will be held in America and the first time ever held outside of Europe and Asia since 1939.

The last event that was held in Budapest in 2019 had a global reach of over 500 million fans across both TV and digital platforms.

In 1971 when the United States table tennis team was invited to China, the “pong-pong diplomacy” was successful and resulted in opening up the US-China relationship.

Today, the tensions between the two countries still persist. We really need to promote the people’s diplomacy to promote a better relationship between the U.S. and China for the best future for all of us.