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抗疫日记 3/26/2020 艰难时刻 美国加油

抗疫日记 3/26/2020  艰难时刻 美国加油

犹如往常一般,今天淸晨走进办公室翻开今天刚出版的美南日报,抬头观看着美南电视及网站播出之新闻节目 ,心中有无限之感触, 过去多少年来, 我们结合了眾多之工作伙伴,在新闻之岗位中奋战了数十年,今天值此国家面临艰困时期,我们所负有之社会责任犹為重大。

全球最富有的美国今天在国会通过了二千亿之经济救济方案, 凡是年收入在七万五千元以下之国民将会收到一千二百元现金补贴,上週全国申请失业救济者已达到近四百万元人, 纽约市今天因新冠病毒去世的已超过一百人,波士顿附近之各大医院已有超过百位医务人员确定感染。


                                       Help Is On The Way

 Every morning when I walked into my office, I pick up a fresh, new copy of our daily news paper, I go to our company’s website at and watch the news headlines on our Southern TV station.

As usual this morning, I followed my same daily routine, but my feelings were very different at this critical and challenging time in our nation’s history.

 The world’s richest country will now hand out checks to all citizens soon. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin introduced a 2 trillion dollar economic stimulus package at a news conference which will provide a jolt to the U.S. economy that is now reeling from the Coronavirus pandemic. Under the plan, individuals who earn $75,000.00 or less will get $1,200 ($2400 for a couple) and an additional $500 for each child (up to 3 children).

Unemployment claims in the U.S. have now climbed to 3.3 million last week pasting historic highs.

 At least 13 patients have died from the Coronavirus in the last 24 hours at a New York hospital and more than 100 employees at Boston area hospitals have tested positive for the Coronavirus.

 With all the bad news, we are so happy and encouraged to see that members of the U.S. congress and senate from both parties are trying their best to save the country’s economy.