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美国新冠肺炎抗疫日记 03/28/2020 美国最新试剂上市​​

美国新冠肺炎抗疫日记  03/28/2020   美国最新试剂上市​​


主管医药单位今天批准了新的测试剂,可以在十五分鐘之内得到结果, 并且可以在医生诊所使用,重量不超过七磅重,这项產品将大大增加全国之测试能力,该公司将从下週起每日生產五万套。



New Test Kits Are On The Way

The FDA has just approved a Coronavirus test that can provide test result in less than 15 minutes. The new diagnostic test could greatly accelerate testing for Coronavirus in America and allow for the rapid review of test results in the doctors’ offices. But at the same time, the country still has a critical shortage of medical masks and swabs to collect patients’ specimens.

The test manufacturer Abbott Labs said it expects to deliver 50,000 tests per day beginning next week. The machines used to run the test only weighs less than 7 pounds and could be deployed where testing is needed most.

The FDA also has approved another rapid test from the molecular diagnostics company Cepheid which provides result in 45 minutes. Most of the tests used today take anywhere from few days to a week to receive results.

The U.S. saw an increase of more than 15,000 cases in one day last week pushing the total number to more than 100,000 cases. China, by comparison, has reported 81,285 cases.

The transfer of the virus, which may have originated in bats, to humans was an unforeseen event.

Today, Americans across the nation are fighting to stay alive, while we still are experiencing a shortage of tools to fight the battle.

We strongly urge president Trump to address the needs of the less fortunate groups who need to be tested as soon as possible. At this critical time in the pandemic, we also need to depend on our governors, mayors and our frontline health workers too.