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美国新冠肺炎抗疫日记0425 齐心协力 共建家园

美国新冠肺炎抗疫日记0425  齐心协力 共建家园

        齐心协力 共建家园

------ 给国际移民社区的信




所幸联邦政府週五由川普总统再度签署近五千亿元之援助中小企业之紓困资金, 希望全力摆脱我们所面临之困境,许多受灾不重的州也逐渐开放,五月一日将是一个关键时刻,盼望疫情可控,让我们能逐渐重返生活轨道。




                      United We Shall Prevail

A Letter To Our Community

Dear Brothers and Sisters --

In the last two months, the Coronavirus has attacked our community and almost totally destroyed our lifestyles. Many of us in the community are small business owners such as restaurants, beauty salons and small shopping centers. And now, because the government wanted us to shut down for an extended time, most of us cannot even pay the rent and survive this sudden change that has turned into such a terrible economic difficulty. Why, in the richest country in the world has this turned into such a total disaster?

Yesterday, the president signed another $484 billion economic stimulus bill to try and help all the small businesses and medical facilities. More than twenty states already announced they would partially open for business. We all hope that on May 1 of next month the pandemic can be controlled and the economy will slowly recover.

Today, I looked at an old college classmate’s photo from our dear friend, Professor L. C. Ma.  All of us as young graduate students came to America to look for a better life. Many years later, most of us have become very successful professionals and we have now spent most of our adult lives in this great nation.

Today, as we are facing the most difficult time fighting this invisible enemy, we are confident we can win and prevail.

May God bless our Nation. America keep strong!