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美国新冠疫情日誌 04/27/2020 全球危机 不可不慎

美国新冠疫情日誌 04/27/2020  全球危机 不可不慎


                       全球危机  不可不慎


我们是一个联邦政府组成之国家,从新冠疫情席捲美国以来,由于白宫国会及州长之间之意见分歧不同调,无论在医疗物资之调度,居住令之颁布, 医护人员之调配,皆无法做到全方位一体之效果,因而使我们这个世界第一强国之国民承受史无前例,束手无策之痛苦。


我们必须再度呼吁诸位国会议员及白宫川普政府,对目前美国遭受之国内外灾难,必须慎重行事,解除人民之痛苦,拯救国民经济应该是政治家们重责大任, 千万别以挑起国外战争做為解决内政之手段,稍有不慎带来全球人类之浩劫,而成歷史之罪人。

We Have Arrived At A Crisis Situation

The Coronavirus pandemic has cost more than fifty thousand lives in America with almost one million confirmed cases. About twenty states including Texas, Georgia and California have now already partially open for business. But New York Governor Cuomo still insists this is not the time to do it yet. The American medical community still has serious concerns about opening up for business and thinks it is a big threat to national health.

In the last three months since the Coronavirus started its attack on our country and because the federal and state governments and the Congress could not coordinate their initial response plans, we have delayed getting the critical medical supplies and establishing many key policies to respond all around the country. The Coronavirus has caused so much damage and has become so disastrous to the entire world, and now the U.S., the world’s most powerful country, has become the number one victim of the deadly virus.

Today, the world political organization, the United Nations, and the World Trade Organization along with the World Health Organization now are all facing big challenges. The U.S. and China, the two most powerful countries in the world also are facing unprecedented economic, political and military challenges. In our own backyard country of Mexico as well in the Persian Gulf countries, these and other regions could become battlegrounds for future military conflict.

We are here to seriously urge our country’s leaders to not be so selfish in making decisions around your own political agendas, but to make decisions that will rescue our economy. Many people are suffering in our country today and politics must be set aside.

If you don’t use your power wisely, it could set the tone for more human tragedy for many generations to come.