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2022 Superstar Awards Ceremony Held in New York


Superstar Award 2022 gala was held successfully in Rockefeller Center New York on December 16th.


The event has made announcement of 2022 Superstar Award winners as followed: 


Superstar Contribution Award: 

Daisuke Tarutani

Marc Antonio Squarciafichi

Juan Temenne


Best New Artist Award: 

Alagna Franck 


Best Performance Award: 

Waltz of The Snow Flakes - by American Liberty Ballet


Best Red Carpet Style Award: 

Melissa Mahler 


Best Film Award: 

鬼日子 - 赵大勇执导

Shadow Days - directed by Zhao Da Yong


Best NFT Award:

Anna Khachatryan 

The award gala presented nominee's artworks and donation votes. 


Superstar Award Jury Members includes: 

May Liu, Lady Dewi Sukarno, Marco Antonio Soriano IV, Keith Collea, Juan Temenne, Kevin Beauregard.


Superstar Award Jury Members presented the Superstar Award certificate to award winners. 

2022超星奖大会同时庆祝世界第一个元宇宙博物馆——超星博物馆开幕,网址是:www.SuperstarMuseum.com,宣布与中亚心色美术馆合作出品的达芬奇非同质化代币诞生。中亚心色美术馆代表张静文向达芬奇NTF设计人、超星艺术基金会会长May Liu颁发了委任状。现场播放了意大利达芬奇学院院长Mario Taddei教授的视频问候。

2022 Superstar award gala also celebrates the opening of the world first Metaverse Museum: www.SuperstarMuseum.com, announced the launch of Da Vinci NFT products in cooperation with Colorful Heart Gallery, Zhang Jing Wen, the representative of Colorful Heart Gallery presented the authorization certificate to Da Vinci NFT designer-May Liu, president of Superstar Art Foundation, with greeting video from Professor Mario Taddei, principal of Da Vinci Academy Italy.

2023世界经济小姐提名人Polina Soliakova, Karina Berikova, Browne Valerie, Allie Hutchins, Gabrielle Gross, Sara Grassi, Breana Lochrie, Ciara Cialese, Elisabeth Archer等在颁奖大会上表演了时装秀。

摄影师Casey Pierpoint, Sebastien Lebegue、摄像师赵大勇、歌手Kathryn Lewis对颁奖大会给予了支持。

Miss Economic World 2023 nominees Polina Soliakova, Karina Berikova, Browne Valerie, Allie Hutchins, Gabrielle Gross, Sara Grassi, Breana Lochrie, Ciara Cialese, Elisabeth Archer etc, have performed fashion show during award gala. Photographer: Casey Pierpoint, Sebastien Lebegue, videographer: Zhao Da Yong, singer: Kathryn Lewis provided their support to the gala event. 


Superstar Award 2022 gala New York was organized by Superstar Art Foundation, co organizing sponsored by Classic Prestige Monaco. 


Lucky draw prizes are sponsored by: 

Superstar Collections Design, Skyforth Investment. 

超星艺术基金会会长May Liu向2022超星奖获得者祝贺,同时向所有参与的贵宾、赞助商和志愿者表达谢意。

May Liu, President of Superstar Art Foundation has given her congratulations on the winners of Superstar Award 2022, as well as the acknowledgement to all participants including VIP guests, sponsors, donors and volunteers. 



早在2016年,作为戛纳电影节期间的电影制片人,我在摩納哥的曼德拉家族慈善晚会上遇到了纳尔逊·曼德拉的孙子纳布达斯·曼德拉。我受到了他祖父的故事启发, 他不忘初心为人民的自由而奋斗畢生。我决定追寻我的初心我的艺术家梦想,并帮助实现他人的梦想,这就是我创立超星艺术基金会的缘由。我相信,帮助别人成功就是我自己最大的成功。我相信,如果我们做正确的事情,我们身后总会有力量。這就是為什麽我们來到这里,因为我们有同样的愿景,那就是互相帮助,让我们的世界变得更加美好。

我要特别感谢来自CPM的赞助商和共同组织者Juan Temene,我的法律顾问Melissa Mahler,從全国以及全世界專程趕來的艺术家提名人和陪审团成员們,所有花宝贵时间和精力協助我们举办这次活动的捐赠者和志愿者。没有你的帮助,这个典禮將不会成功。最后,请允许我向本次活动的每个人和您的家人致以最良好的祝愿,与我们一起欣赏精彩的表演,享受颁奖典礼和圣诞节庆祝活动,在纽约洛克菲勒广场这座标志性的传奇建筑中写下我们的传奇。


The president's greeting speech

Ladies and gentlemen, my friends and partners:Thank you for coming over to Superstar Award gala to celebrate and witness the winners of Superstar award with us. Superstar Art Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was founded 3 years ago by a group of financiers, art lovers, with mission of helping artists dreams.

Back in 2016, as a film producer during Cannes Film festival, I met Ndaba Mandela , the grandson of Nelson Mandela in his family charity gala in Monaco. I was inspired by the story of his grandfather, who spent his life time fighting for the freedom of his people, and I decided to seek for my dream of an artist, and help the dreams of others, that’s how I found the Superstar Art Foundation.  I believe that helping others to become successful is the great success of myself.  I believe if we are doing the right things, there will always be power behind us. And that’s what brought us here, is that we have the same vision of helping each other to make our world better.

I would like to give our special thanks to my sponsors and co organizer Juan Temene from CPM, my legal advisor co host Melissa Mahler, artist nominees and jury members who fly across the country and the world to help us with this event, all the donars and volunteers who spend their precious times and effort to make the event happen, without your help, this gala won't be successful.

Last, let me give my best wishes to everyone in this event and your families, enjoy the wonderful show with us, enjoy the award ceremony and Christmas celebration and write our own legend here in this iconic legendary building Rockefeller plaza New York.

Superstar Art Foundation

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