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美国新冠疫情日记05/04/2020 拯救经济 我们要三管齐下

美国新冠疫情日记05/04/2020  拯救经济 我们要三管齐下

     拯救经济 我们要三管齐下







Let’s Move Ahead Together With Three Urgent Actions

More than thirty states have partially reopened for business, but some of the states, including New York and Illinois are in critical situations which have not shown their  death rates to be coming down.

Around the globe, Japan is still going to remain shut down until the end of May. Most of the poor countries in Africa and South America, because they are without sufficient medical supplies, just cannot respond very well to the Coronavirus or do too much about it right now.

The U.S. and China are still arguing about where the Coronavirus came from.

Most businesses have already received the funds from the federal government’s paycheck protection program, but this help is not the solution for our economic recovery.

We really urge President Trump to immediately mobilize the U.S. military, especially the medical teams and the National Guard to help local governments at hospitals and to take the pressure off local police and lighten their heavy workloads.

We also need to organize all the research universities and drug companies to speed up Coronavirus research and find the vaccines and treatment drugs to stop this disaster.

The U.S. as the richest country in the world needs to reorganize our national infrastructure and start rebuilding our national highways, airports, bridges, parks and high-speed rail systems. The majority of these projects are already fifty-years old or older.

At the same time, this crisis could still be an opportunity for the U.S. We strongly urge the leaders of our country to move forward with our national interests in mind. Their first priority should be to serve the American people.