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美国新冠疫情日记5/9/2020 感恩-- 献给天下的母亲

美国新冠疫情日记5/9/2020  感恩-- 献给天下的母亲

  感恩-- 献给天下的母亲




在我们大家生长之过程中,大部分人都和母亲有着极其亲密的关係,我们在母亲的怀中及摇篮中成长,我们在母亲拿手的家常菜中闻到家乡的味道,我们会在外边受到欺负之后回来向母亲诉苦, 我们在事业或工作上遭遇挫折时向母亲倾诉, 我们看到多少伟大的母亲为子女而牺牲在所不惜。





Feeling Deeply Grateful On Mother’s Day

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, we cannot even have a celebration dinner with mom.

We are facing such huge changes in our history. Millions of students now have to stay home. Many mothers have to spend time with their kids learning on internet.

Since mid-March of this year, because of the pandemic, most people have to stay home, but our team still has to stay at the editorial room, the TV studio and press room to continue their work to serve our readers and viewers every day.

We want to express our deepest appreciation for their sacrifice and hard work.

Mother is the one who has the most intimate relationship with all of us. We all grow up at the hands of our moms. We all teased mom’s home cooking. We always go to mom and let her know when we are facing any difficult situation in the outside world. Moms could be the greatest protectors in our life.

Today the world is changing also because of climate change and over-development of lands all over the globe. The unexpected pandemic has now changed the very structure of our families, including the important duty of mother.

Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you to all the many amazing folks who have given their support to Southern News Group over the past for so many decades. No matter how difficult, we will continue to grow our audience and bring more news and interviews and continue working for all of you.