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美国新冠疫情日记06/08 Shake The World - Floyd Coming Home

美国新冠疫情日记06/08 Shake The World - Floyd Coming Home

Shake The World - Floyd Coming Home

A group of Houston faith leaders came together to pray and asked for protection for change. They asked Mayor Sylvester Turner for the expansion and greater visibility of the independent police oversight board. They also stated the need for more police department diversity as well as the need for de-escalation training for all law enforcement officers.

The final viewing of George Floyd will be held today at The Fountain of Praise Church in southwest Houston where mourners will be able to view his casket. His funeral will be held tomorrow followed by burial in the Houston Memorial Gardens cemetery in Pearland where he will be laid to rest next to his mother, Larcenia Floyd.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will be Houston today to meet with Floyd’s family. Former Secretary of State General Colin Power said in a television interview that Donald Trump has not been an effective president. Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis and General John Allen have declared that the U.S. constitution is under threat.

In the last two weeks the George Floyd protest and demonstration movement has become a worldwide event and has included many European countries. Southern Korean people are now openly supporting equal right for all its citizens. In the meantime, the coronavirus pandemic still continues to spread around the globe. The world is now facing its biggest challenge since World War II.

Under our constitution, it is very clear that the president is not the only person who can control the federal government. We also have the U.S. Congress and the Supreme Court to balance the government’s power. We are not going to allow any politician to abuse and steal the power.

We as Asian Americans today are facing the issues like other minority groups. The immigration, college entrance exams and other equal opportunity issues all could affect our next generation’s rights.

George Floyd’s case teaches the nation and the world a very big lesson: the people and leaders need to work together to solve the shared universal political and economic issues. Otherwise, the threats to our civilization will continue.

    重返故土 全球震撼

休斯敦各宗教领袖今天发表专文, 要求市长泰纳及市议会増加各族裔人士参加独立的警察行为督察委员会 ,并希望市府尽快增加各族裔之警员人数, 以确保佛洛伊德事件之重演, 他的遗体今天在休斯敦供各界前往吊唁, 并将在明天同葬在和他母亲安葬之梨园市公墓。

前副总统今午将到达休斯敦亲自慰问佛洛伊德家属, 非裔前国务卿鲍尔週末在电视访问中激烈批评川普不是一位有效之总统, 他不断分化我们, 污蔑移民 ,得罪盟友,不遵重宪法,包括前国防部长马蒂斯在内的军方退役将领都同声谴责川普要动用军队镇压示威群众。

两週来全国各大小城镇展开的示威游行, 已经在世界各地蔓延 ,包括南韩欧洲在内的许多国家都以实际行动来声讨这次之虐杀事件, 加上新冠病毒在美国及许多国家还在蔓延 ,各国面临经济之下滑,此种内忧外患之困境是全球经济大萧条以来最大之挑战。

面对国民之愤怒,大家共同希望政府体制及政治之改革 ,这项浩大之工程有许多历史上的因素, 我们有宪法来行使政策,在三权分立的基础上,除了民选总统, 我们还有国会参众两院及高等法院,最重要的是人民的选票来互相制衡 ,我们决不允许执政者滥权违害国家利益。

今天我们做为非裔、亚裔及拉丁裔之国民这是我们要团结共同努力的时候了, 大家难道没有看到我们週边环境在改变吗? 移民政策、 大学入学、升迁机会 ,都在影响我们公民权利及下一代之生存。

佛洛伊德事件带来了全世界之震撼 ,各国内部多年存在的社会歧视问题在全面爆发, 这场社会革命是祸是福,尚待我们共同去撑握去争取, 人类文明进步才可确保。