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美国新冠疫情日记06/10 Better Tomorrow

美国新冠疫情日记06/10  Better Tomorrow

Better Tomorrow

Thousands gathered in Houston, Texas, yesterday to bid a final farewell to George Floyd the man who sparked outrage and protests across the world. The people are demanding change and they hope the funeral isn’t the end, but instead will mark the beginning of that widespread call for change.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner says he will sign an executive order that will ban the use of chokeholds by officers in the city of Houston. Turner said in the city you have to give a warning before you shoot someone. In some cities, they are asking to defund police departments or greatly reduce their budgets.

We are so glad to see the reopening of the City of New York. Governor Cuomo rode the subway with other New Yorkers in the past one hundred days. New Yorkers have been suffering enough. The Wall Street market represents the U.S. and the world economy.

In this coronavirus pandemic, the whole nation has endured such pain, and this is the first time we have ever faced this challenge. More than one hundred twenty thousand people have now lost their lives to the pandemic in the U.S. and two million confirmed cases have been reported. We are the richest country in the world. Why have we handled this crisis so poorly?

We saw George Floyd resting peacefully. Now we as a nation need to look ahead. How can we correct our mistakes with kindness and love and not with hate?

We all are looking for a better tomorrow to come.


弗洛伊德之葬礼昨天在休斯敦盛大举行数千上万之民众前往吊唁 包括市长特纳和国会议员格林在内的非裔人士在葬礼上发表了慷慨激昂的演说, 他们认为弗洛伊德已经改变了世界。

特纳市长今天颁佈了一项行政命令要求警方从此后禁止使用直扼咽喉方式执法 并要警员开枪前发出口头警告在全国示威者之诉求中他们要求全部或局部删除警察局之预算。

大苹果纽约市及纽约州今天已经逐步开放,州长柯孟和市民一起搭上地铁, 这是纽约市封城一百天来的首次,我们欣见代表世界政经中心的纽约重新注入活力,华尔街之重新开放,代表了我们未来的希望。

自从疫情肆虐以来全国各大小城市接受了前所未有的严峻考验美国人被视为天之骄子地大物博从未受过世界大战之苦难但是此次之病毒竟然有二百万人感染死亡人数已超过十二万人, 此次灾难重创了国家之经济及人民之信心, 什么我们号称之世界最富有之国家还弄到大家束手无策。