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美国新冠疫情日记06/17 Our Votes Decide The Nation’s Future

美国新冠疫情日记06/17  Our Votes Decide The Nation’s Future

Our Votes Decide The Nation’s Future

Vice President Mike Pence has tried to declare that the coronavirus is over amid other actions including President Trump’s push to reopen the country by hosting a big rally this weekend in Oklahoma. Despite the White House’s attempt to declare the pandemic is over, 28 states still are experiencing significant increases in new cases of the virus. Harvard professor Dr Ashish Jha said we may be done with the pandemic, but the pandemic is not done with us.

In Washington, the White House has already filed a lawsuit to stop a book published by former National Security Advisor John Bolton. In the meantime, the District of Columbia is trying to become the fifty-first state so that they can get equal treatment as a state.

In Sugar Land, Texas, one Republican candidate has openly attacked China as our enemy and has created a big political blowback blast in the local Asian community. In Fort Bend county, a judge there is of Asian descent.

According to a recent survey, eighty percent of people in the U.S. are feeling that the nation is in turmoil. People in this nation are suffering not only because of the coronavirus pandemic, but also because of the ongoing political unrest. People have lost their jobs, students have to stay home -- all these family and social issues are making people very unhappy.

We are urging all our voters to think twice when election time comes. Your vote is so important to make the right decisions for our own future as well as for the future of our nation.




位于德州休斯敦近郊的糖城,居民大约有百分之二十是华亚裔,就连当地的郡长乔治先生也是印度裔,最近在德州第二十二选区争取共和党国会议员席次的女士在电视上公开反华言论 ,这支广告将会严重影响华裔形象及造成反华情绪,我们不可不防,希望选民能团结,共同抵制其不当行径。


遗憾的是,平民老百姓正在遭受生活上之困苦,各级学校停课,众多孩童呆在家中, 家长无法工作也造成极大的家庭问题。

我们慎重呼吁选民们要睁亮眼睛,十一月份的总统大选事关我们国家未来之前途, 一定要撑握手中神圣的一票。