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美国新冠疫情日记06/18 Long Unemployment Lines In Alabama

美国新冠疫情日记06/18    Long Unemployment Lines In Alabama

          Long Unemployment Lines In Alabama

According to Labor Department statistics, more than forty-five million people have lost their jobs since the Coronavirus pandemic broke out. Yesterday we saw very long lines in front of an unemployment office in a city in Alabama. We felt so sad. Those unemployed people have to stand in line for a whole day just to talk to the unemployment office and try to get some help because they are so very helpless to face daily life.

Federal and state governments wanted to open up the country and stimulate the business activity. The real reason was to ease unemployment and restart the economy. But on the other hand, the medical community is really worried that the second wave the pandemic may come back. We are watching people in different cities just ignoring the rule to wear the masks and the keep social distance. If the second wave comes back, that will result in even more serious damage for our economy.

Today, the White House is facing another challenge. Former national security advisor John Bolton dropped bombshell in his new book saying that Trump asked China for re-election help and encouraged the Chinese government to keep building concentration camps for social dissidents. In many U.S. cities, the recent demonstrations are still going on. This is why the majority of people feel that we are in a national turmoil and still unsafe.

We are urging all the people to come to the rescue our nation. From Congress to the White House to local government, we need to overcome the corrupt politicians. The vote is in our hands and this is the only weapon we have to do it.

We adopted America as our home and our country. This is our sole responsibility and duty to do what is right. You need to look at your community, your neighbors and participate in your local elections to rebuild the country. As Abraham Lincoln said in his Gettysburg address: “For the people by the people.”



白宫当局为了解决严重的经济危机,开始商业活动势在必行,但是新冠病毒之攻击还在进行中,全国各州新增病例还在上升,专家警告。第二波疫情可能会捲土重返, 到时可能会更无法收拾。