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Money And Votes

With arrangement assistance by Congressman Al Green, we had an opportunity to meet with State Senator Royce West. He represents the Democratic Party and is challenging for the current U.S. Senator seat. As an African-American, Mr. West has been a Texas Senator for the last twenty-six years.

In the meeting, Senator West expressed his worry and deep concern about the current political and economic situation in the nation and how we can be united together to fight for our future.

Chairman of the Southwest District Kenneth Li and Attorney Dawn Lin were among the meeting participants.

In the last several years a lot of politicians have come to visit our community, especially at election time. They want to get financial support and votes. This is normal, but after they get elected, not too many of them come back to us and listen to our problems.

We as an Asian minority group, we really appreciate what the civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King did it for us. He was the one who fought for civil liberty and equal rights for all. For so many reasons, we have not reached that goal in our society. So today we are witnessing racial unrest and social injustice all over the nation.

Today the U.S. Supreme Court ruling declared that the Trump administration’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, known as DACA, was “arbitrary and capricious,” and therefore violated federal law. We hope all these young men and women will now stay in America and become outstanding citizens.

The November election is coming up. We urge everyone to use your vote wisely because this is our future and our nation’s future.




数十年来,美国政界都知道他们在华亚裔社区有许多金主,但不一定是选票,所以每当竞选时期,大家都希望来和我们搏感情, 这也是人之常情。