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The Race For President Has Started

President Trump attempted to jumpstart his campaign in Tulsa, Oklahoma last Saturday with a political rally. In his almost two-hour long speech, he said we begin our campaign and the silent majority is stronger than ever before. The rally location was just a block away from a 1921 racial massacre. Most people who attended did not follow the rule of the CDC for wearing masks.

In his speech, Trump accused the media of favoring presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and defended his handling of the pandemic.

Today, the White House faces many political issues including announcements about former National Security advisor John Bolton and Trump’s niece who have both published books that level personal attacks on the president’s reputation. These books will damage his election according to the latest polls. President Trump is already behind Joe Biden by 11 percent according to the recent count.

Today we are facing so many challenges in the world from the coronavirus pandemic to the disputes in many regions of the globe. As the leader of the world, this coming U.S. presidential election will decide our future.



这位刚过七十四岁生日的美国总统,他号召要美国重新强大,他极力辩护白宫对新冠病毒之防治工作 ,并指控自由派左倾媒体对他的攻击及对民主党总统候选人拜登之袒护 他更不忘记病毒是来自中国大陆造成世界及美国之难。