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We Are Ordered To Expel Guests

The White House announced that it will suspend certain visas that allow foreigners to move to the U.S. temporarily to work saying that the restriction will ease the economic impact of 

the coronavirus and improve the prospects of Americans looking for employment during the pandemic.

The order which is slated to last until the end of the year, will suspend H-1B visas for those in specialized fields like the technology sector and most H-2B visas for non-agricultural seasonal workers. It is estimated that more than one-half million people will be affected.

We are so surprised that President Trump is making this decision to stop the talented people from coming to America. This action really hurts our community, especially for Asians in America.

This country is really made up of immigrants, including Trump’s own family. Most of us came to America trying to seek a better opportunity and to work hard to build up this land. If you look at all the major cities in America, the new developments were built so many businesses would create new jobs for the local communities.

We feel very sad that the Trump White House is continuing to reduce our immigration policy that will expel Chinese students, while at the same time the country withdraws from international organizations. This policy will only hurt the U.S. and the world.

We as citizens of this nation need to be united and speak out. This country belongs to all of us, not only the politicians.


白宫宣称因受新冠疫情就业人口之影响将取消外国人士到美国临时就业签証,这项命令至少延到本年底 ,其理由是外国人抢走了美国人的就业机会。

在白宫行政命令中包括取消H-1B 特殊技术人才及H-2B 非农业短期人员签证,但屠宰业不在此限,预计将有五十二万五千人受到影响,今年四月份川普已经下令取消亲属移民美国的某些名额。


美国是个移民立国的国家 ,近百年来包括华裔工人来到美洲大陆筑路开矿,二次大战之后 ,数以千万来此寻求美国梦的全球移民,他们的勤奋和知识建立了世界最强大的美利坚共和国。


我们退出国际组织,理由是为省公币,不再愿做世界警察, 事实上,世界地球村早已形成 ,我们要独善其身,是无法做到的。

2020 是世界动盪,经济下滑之不幸时刻,我们正渴望全球能产生有智慧有担当的领䄂,重整秩序走出阴霾,是我们共同之期盼。